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Introducing British Expat Donna Holland

A Family’s Journey Relocating to Dubai

Donna Holland is from Lincolnshire, England.  She is a home maker and mother of three children Ash 21, Beth 18 and Helaina 9. Donna is an ex British Army wife and is a very well traveled expat.  She has been married for 22 years to her husband Phil who is a professional engineer. The family is currently based in Sydney, Australia and have lived there for just one year. The family has previously lived in Germany, France and Bahrain. Donna’s family is currently on the move to Dubai and she will be blogging about her family’s experience.  We hope you enjoy her diary styled blog. Here is an introduction from Donna to Expat Echo Dubai readers.

Hello everyone. My name is Donna and I am very excited about sharing my move with you all. We’ve all been there at some stage haven’t we? All in one instance lost in a mountain of boxes and paperwork and sorting out your hopes and dreams. You hit the ground running and soon come to a full stop when you try to navigate your new surroundings.

I decided to share my story with the Expat Echo Dubai team because I felt it was absolutely the best site for information and it offers a friendly approach. You can feel the real people behind the modern, easy to navigate website. We are now a transient population.  We move to where the work is and if you are lucky you can take on and embrace the experience of adjusting to a new way of life.

Life has moved us on in recent years with the advancement of technology.  A  mass of social networking sites are now at our finger tips which has made important information so much easier to find. I do not aim to be negative in my blog but I do aim to share our family’s adventures for the first year at least. I feel like I already have friends there waiting for me. I look forward to seeing you here soon!

Stay tuned for the next installment of
Donna and her family’s journey to Dubai!

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