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Still Feels Like Vacation

view from one of the Move One Dubai offices

Okay, so it has been almost 1 week since we have landed and it still feels like vacation. Due to Ramadan and the shortened business day (most offices are open 9am – 3pm during the month of Ramadan), I have barely been in the office. Today is my 3rd time visiting our very nice, new office located conveniently in the Greens overlooking Sheikh Zayed Road. Actually, I just learned today that Sheikh Zayed Road (also known as Road E11) runs all the way to Abu Dhabi and ends in Ras Al Khaimah.  It’s a very crucial road that never seems to sleep.

As the office is new, we have been trying to furnish it with decorations, plants, coffee cups and other kitchen items to be used for our clients and guests. Today I spent a bit of time at a great shop that is nearby to our serviced apartment called @home. The @home location that I visited was in the Dubai Marina Mall. It’s a South African chain and has so many lovely things for the home or office.

The rest of the time we have been house hunting, visiting friends, familiarizing ourselves with the grocery stores, entertaining our three kids and car shopping. We have yet to settle on a house or car but want to be 100% sure before we make such a commitment.

Once school for our trio begins, life in Dubai will start feeling less like vacation and more like our home. Our two oldest children begin at their new school, Lycee Francais International de Dubai, on Wednesday September 15th. They will have school on Mercredi / Wednesday and Jeudi / Thursday from 8am until 13:45 this first week. Our youngest daughter will be going into the Moyenne Section (at the same school) as she is only 4 years old. She lucked out as she only begins on Dimanche / Sunday, September 19th. Due to Eid, the week of the 19th will be a 6 day week for all three of them in order to make up for some lost hours / days. It’s going to be a tough change as their school back in Budapest was only 4 days per week. Not only will they be going 5 days per week but for 4 weeks throughout the year they will have to attend on Saturday to make up the hours. Reality will hit us hard!

By the way, Eid is now officially starting TOMORROW, September 9th and most offices in the UAE will be closed on both Thursday, September 9th as well as Sunday, September 12th in recognition of Eid.

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