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Service Your Car This Summer

If you have recently relocated to Dubai then ‘Welcome to Summer’. People back home often ask at this time of year,  ‘how on earth do you cope in that heat?’ and surprisingly you find yourself answering ‘fine – we just move from an air-conditioned house to an air-conditioned car to an air-conditioned office’ which is great when the air-conditioning works, but when it doesn’t you soon remember where you are living.

Expat Echo Dubai have stressed the importance and guided you through looking after your hair in the heat, the importance of sun-screen and how to look after your air-conditioning in the home, and now we urge you to look after your car.

Before the thermometer hits 50 degrees, take the time now to get your oil and filter changed, re-gas the car A/C and check for other potential snags to avoid driving around Dubai with no A/C or worse, breaking down on the hard shoulder of Emirates Road in August.

Check out our Car Repair & Service directory or have a look at the great offer below:

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