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ePostbox for Expats Launched

Access your postal mail from anywhere in the world at a time that suits you 24/7 with Isle of Man Post Office’s revolutionary new digital product ‘ePostbox.’ This service changes the traditional way many Expats will receive their physical mail wherever they are in the world. They will also be able to access mail via their smart phone, PC and once an account has been set up, also via an iPhone and Blackberry App.

ePostbox allows expats to take full control and management of the mail they receive for the very first time. The way it works, is the customer is alerted each time a new piece of mail has been received at their ePostbox address and is able to view a scanned image of the front and back of each envelope. They then make a decision on whether to open and scan, securely destroy, forward to an address of their choice anywhere in the world or archive the contents electronically. Prices start at just £11.95 per month for up to 35 scans.

Mike Kelly, Chief Executive of Isle of Man Post Office said: “We believe ePostbox is going to be of huge benefit to expats around the world. They will no longer need to pay for a costly mail forwarding service or ask friends and relatives to send mail onto them. Plus, they will have one permanent postal address regardless of how many times they move making life much simpler.”

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