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Maintenance Companies in Dubai

Need a Handy Man?
One of the joys of living in Dubai is there is always help at hand. No need to scour the yellow pages looking for a carpenter or call a plumber only to find he is not free for the next six months. If you have recently moved and un-packed and the next mission is to hang all the artwork, put up the all essential shelves and hang curtains all it takes is one phone call to a maintenance man.

If you rent accommodation check what is included in your maintenance agreement. Generally tenancy contracts state that major maintenance is the responsibility of the landlord including air conditioning, major plumbing, and electrical but minor maintenance is the responsibility of the tenant. If you are a home owner you will need to have a reliable company that can maintain your air-conditioning etc. Companies offer a mixture of annual maintenance packages or just one off charges (some now charge a call out fee plus an hourly charge). When purchasing an annual maintenance package it is worth shopping around and reading the small print as to what is and not included.

Expat Echo has put together a list of maintenance companies that can help you with all things from hanging the family heirloom to major work on the air-conditioning or painting your new home.

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