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Global Village

Global Village will open their doors once more on November 1st for four months of cultural entertainment.  Throughout this time you will be able to enjoy live performances, exciting cuisine from around the world and some exciting shopping.  I have traveled extensively around the world and many times have thought twice about carrying bulky souvenirs back from my travels as often have been able to buy them at Global Village as it is a great destination to buy authentic handicrafts and merchandise from all around the world  but right on your doorstep so no need to pay those hefty excess baggage charges!

As well as  shopping and dining visitors can enjoy thrilling rides and firework displays.  Global Village is an ideal destination to take your visitors to in the  cool evenings.  They will enjoy wandering in and out of the many different pavillions from around the world sampling the local food or shopping for gifts specific to that country.

Choose your evening to visit Global Village carefully as weekends can be very busy and you could well get stuck in a big traffic jam on Emirates Roads.  Also check the Global Village website for  timings and which days are family only days.

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