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Life with Benefits


Code971TM – “Life with Benefits”, is an instant reward programme for UAE residents that provides Cash-benefits across a large network of Partners, representing Shopping, Leisure and Dining, throughout the UAE. Code971 is based on the principle of instant rewards and redemption. This means that when receiving a Cash-reward at one Partner, you can spend it immediately at the next. Your membership is built around your mobile number and allows you to simply quote your mobile number to avail the benefits, if cards don’t fit your wallet size.


Ms Smith, looking for some furniture for her new villa, decides to visit a Code971 Partner. She spends 2,000AED, presents her card at the time of payment and receives the agreed 10% (200AED) cash-reward which the cashier loads to her Code971 card.
Ms. Smith then visits a Partner Café for lunch and dines for 100AED. She pays for her meal using her Cash-reward balance. The Café also rewards her with new Cash-rewards even though she’s redeeming!

Dubai Marina Card

Dubai Marina residents get more… If you are new to the Dubai Marina, Code971 have a community card designed just for you! The Dubai Marina card is based on exactly the same principle of Code971 instant Cash-rewards.
As a member you also receive a map of the Dubai Marina Neighborhood with all the details and exact geographic location of all Dubai Marina reward Partners. The Dubai Marina card can also be used at any of the regular 225 Code971 Partners across the UAE.

Code971 website and Partner listing

The website is where Partners present their benefits to members and where you can put your personal interest at top. Here you can setup your own personal profile, mark ‘Favorite brands’ and ‘Feeds of interest’ so that you receive only information and offers of interest to you.

How to become a member:

Simply register for a FREE Code971 membership on or call 800-CODE971 (800-2633971) and request your free Dubai Marina card. Dubai Marina cards can also be collected FREE of charge from many of the 30+ Partners found online under section Dubai Marina Map.

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