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Never Feel Guilty About Shopping Again…

Dubai offers an extensive array of things to do, which can often be overwhelming! CareZone helps you make the socially conscious choice by providing you a list of ‘Places that Care’ straight to your mobile phone.  With CareZone, your life just got a little easier and a little more fulfilling at the same time. In the past, so many of our spending decisions were made without much thought, but not anymore. If you’re going to spend money anyway, why not spend it in a way that benefits those in need at the same time?

CareZone helps you, and at the same time directs resources to your favorite causes. Using smart and simple technology, half of what you earn are ‘CareCoins’ which allow you to give to your favorite causes without spending an extra dirham out of your own pocket. The other half are ‘MyCoins’ which you can choose how to redeem rewards for yourself!

CareZone’s mobile app changes the way you decide where to shop, eat, or have fun – by helping you earn goodies for yourself while giving back to your favorite causes to make a difference in the world.


Feeling really guilty about your last splurge at the mall? We know how that feels. Help satisfy your conscience by transforming the way you shop – browse CareZone’s partners for ideas of where to go, check in and look around, or get your hands on that dress you just have to have! Can you think of a better way to expand your wardrobe?

Go ahead, start your CareZone experience by picking up that new dress from Laura Ashley. If you love animals, you could help save a puppy or kitten with just one purchase!


Are you fed up of constantly having to make arbitrary choices about where to have breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert? Change the way you choose where to nibble, sip and devour that next meal –choose places that allow you to give back to a cause of your choice. Add a little spice and variety to dining in the UAE by browsing CareZone’s partners. Search by proximity, and once you’re there, check in and gobble away! Your lunch or dinner for 2 at the Pavilion Downtown could help provide 22 meals in the Horn of Africa crisis.

Dessert craving? Swing by Jumeirah Beach Road and pick up a cupcake (or two!) from Sweet Stuff or Kitsch Cupcakes. With every cupcake that you buy at Kitsch, you can give 1 meal to the Horn of Africa. Can you think of a sweeter, more guilt-free way to enjoy dessert?


The best thing about moving to a new city is discovering new things to do and places to go. Add a little pizzazz to your days in Dubai by browsing their partners for new ideas, searching by what’s closest to you, or perhaps the activity you’re in the mood for. Opportunities for art classes or a relaxing massage are at your fingertips. Once you’re there, check in and let the mobile app do the rest! Can you think of a better way to spend your free time?

Unleash your inner artist at the jam jar, or pamper yourself for a cause with a spa package at SensAsia Express. Your time at the mall’s favorite spa could help you plant an Arabian Ghaf tree or Save a Turtle. Helping save the environment was never this easy!


Not only does it help you choose where to go, but it also serves as your ‘Calendar for Good’. Find out about the city’s upcoming events for a cause. Whether it’s a charity flea market, gala fund raiser, or awareness walk – you’ll find it listed in the app.

Once you’re there, check in at the special event and earn free Coins! Give to your favorite cause and redeem to treat yourself to the most appealing reward.

To download the free app, or for more information, visit
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