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Storing and packing batteries safely

Batteries 1Did you know storing and packing batteries can be dangerous?

Storing  all batteries can be dangerous and a fire hazard but especially 9 volt batteries. This is because the positive and negative posts are on top, right next to one another. If this comes in contact with anything metal, such as aluminum foil, brillo pads, etc. it can spark, and if there is a fuel for this spark you will have a fire.
If you are moving house make sure either you or your packers are aware that batteries need to be shipped safely, Move One constantly train their packers to watch out for these and pack them safely.
Multiple batteries or packages of batteries need to be packaged side by side, separated by dividers and batteries contained in  electronic devices  must remain inside the device when shipping.

When packing every battery and device with a battery should be packaged securely any void spaces filled to prevent shifting or movement in transit. Contents  should be in a sturdy outer container too.
Keeping batteries in your home can also be dangerous, there are online videos about fires caused by batteries which has created the false impression that such fires are common or “on the rise,” but that does not appear to be the case however that does not mean they have not happened.

Tips for storing batteries safelyAlways store your batteries in a cool, dry location.
Batteries can be stored in the refrigerator to extend their lives further than storage at room temperature. If you do this, you must seal them in an airtight plastic bag to maintain the right moisture level.
Keep batteries in original packaging until you are ready to use them. If loose, keep the posts for 9 volt batteries covered with masking, duct, or electrical tape as this prevents the posts from coming in contact with metal objects.
Make sure they won’t be tossed around.
Store batteries standing up if possible.
9-volt batteries should never be stored loose in a drawer or with other batteries.

To be safe, cover the positive and negative posts with masking, duct, or electrical tape before getting rid of batteries.




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