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Task Spotting – New app that earns you cash

taskspottingNew TaskSpotting app that pays users attracting thousands in Emirates

We’ve all grumbled about that sales representative who walks up to us in the supermarket, a long questionnaire and a pen in hand, looking for consumer feedback for a brand. But what if that pen and survey sheet are replaced with an uncomplicated smartphone app that sends your honest response to the brand in real time and pays you for your efforts?

The Dubai-based entrepreneur Karim Aly had his finger on the pulse when he launched TaskSpotting at ArabNet last month. It has already got more than 2,000 residents volunteering their time to complete marketing-related missions around the Emirates for about 60 companies that have partnered with the venture.

Persistent app users have a lot to gain. The Dubai-based husband and wife Karim and Naiera Farouk made Dh1,000 by completing between 10 and 15 tasks each over the course of one weekend.

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