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The Reasons Why You Should Consider Housemaid Training

Hundreds of expats move to Dubai thrilled at the prospect of being able to afford help around the house, a real life ‘Mary Poppins’. Help with the chores and with the children.  However, these same people are very soon moaning at the fact that their housemaid does not seem to be living up to their high expectations.  The clothes have been dyed a delicate shade of pink or the maid cannot cook their favourite spaghetti bolognaise but when you ask them if they had showed them how to many expats will answer ‘no’.  The team at Montaigne Avenue Consulting outline why training is so beneficial.

Many housemaid issues are due to lack of training. Too many housemaids have been placed in working situations with little or no training at all. Although some may have learned from previous position they are still not qualified enough to handle this job.

Reasons to choose housemaid training:
Better relationship between employer and employee.
If your housemaid is able to perform her duties professionally , there will be no tension in your relationship.
Time saving.
With a proper training your housemaid can cover all the areas of your home with professional confidence and minimum time.
Once your housemaid has completed the training program, she will know what to do, when to do it and how to do it, therefore your home will run smoothly.
Financial benefits.
With the training program your housemaid will avoid disastrous mistakes such as: damage to clothing and ruining valuables.
Life changing.
With proper training you can rely on your housemaid’s performance which will benefit your family and increase your life’s quality.


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