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Thinking of Buying Property in Dubai

June 2015Factors to consider when choosing your real estate developer in Dubai by Indigo Properties

Dubai is a land of dreams and opportunities. It gives everyone an opportunity of turning their
dreams into reality. Many dream of owning a home in Dubai but owning a home here is not that
easy a decision with the number of developers launching more and more projects day by day.
How does one make the right choice? Mr. Dev Maitra, CEO of one of  Dubai’s leading property developers Indigo Properties, reveals tips on how to choose the right developer when selecting your dream home:

Visit their website:
Log on to the developer’s website to get an insight of the company. The website should be
able to provide you the answers to questions such as who are the owners, what is their
history, who are their partners and associates, how long has the company been into
existence, what are their completed and ongoing projects 

Visit completed projects:
“Seeing is Believing” – what cannot please the eyes cannot reach the heart. Therefore make
a visit to the completed projects of the developer. The quality of their completed projects will
tell you what the company believes in. Find out about the layouts and finishes of their
completed projects to know what to expect from their future projects. These visits would
revert a whole lot about the developments like build and finish quality, layout planning,
durability and upkeep.

Talk to existing owners:
A quick chat with an existing property owner in the project of a developer of interest will
quickly reveal the developer’s or the developments pros and cons. Only a current owner can
give you real unbiased insight into the developer’s way of working. You could ask questions
about rental ease and yields, developer reliability and service standards, satisfaction levels,
quality of product, parking issues, snagging, teething problems and many other not-so-
visible aspects of property ownership.

Visit their social media platforms/other online research:
The internet enables you to get feedback from various sources. A visit to the developer’s
social media platforms would reveal latest news, achievements, events and any special
promotions that they are running. An online search would give you access to various forums
where you can talk about the developer or their projects and get feedback from multiple

Face-to-face meeting:
A visit to the sales centre of the developer will reveal a lot about their way of working.  You
can meet a sales representative and clarify all your doubts and queries by questioning him
directly. Developers usually hire experienced professionals who would not only be able to
answer the development specific questions but also guide you on a wide variety or real-
estate related topics like laws, finance, insurance etc. Also the visit to their current
workplace will tell you how the post sales service will be.

Mortgage facilities
A good developer will always have tie-ups with major banks that can provide you with the
financial support in purchasing your dream home. Therefore it is important to note the
alliances that a developer ahs with the financial institutions to ease the transactions.

Pricing, Payment Plan and other extras
Is the price the developer is offering you the right value for their product? Do they have
products to fit every budget, are they willing to negotiate on their prices, ensure these
questions are answered. Do they provide any equipments in the home and also the
Payment Plan as offered by them should suit your flow of cash. Also check with them what
is rate of return you would get on your investment to help you better understand the pricing
and ease your decision making process. Few more points like checking if they have a good
Facilities Management company for their completed projects, if there is Owners Association
formed for their existing projects, timely delivery of projects etc will tell you a lot more about
the work culture of the developer.

The above tips can prove to very helpful when you want to choose a developer. It will equip you
with the right methods of finding a developer who is professional and trustworthy.
Indigo Properties is a Dubai based real estate developer that excels in villas communities. To know
more about Indigo Properties’ latest project, please visit

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