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Tinting Windows

Look up ‘car window tinting’ in Dubai on the Internet and you will get loads of links. When we bought our cars in Dubai, they came completely clear as the dealerships did not offertintig service. They did, however, organize for our tinting to be done by their partner / vendor. In the case of our Infiniti, it was Llumar. Their location was near the dealership. Being new to Dubai, we still had some challenges finding their location as they were tucked away in an alleyway. Once there, we pulled the car in to their garage, left it for about 2 hours and once they called us to announce it’s completion we headed back for pick up. They charged us just over 1000aed and gave the option of paying via cheque.

A couple things to note when you are getting your windows tinted. All windows except the windshield can be tinted. Non-Emiratis can only get car windows tinted up to 30%. Emiraties can have theirs done almost to the maximum. Tinted windows does help keep your car cooler. Once you’ve received the tinting service on your car windows, it is important to not open any of your newly tinted windows for 3 days. Llumar was great as they covered our window buttons with one of their paper stickers so that if we forgot, we’d have to go through the sticker to reach the button. Plan wisely as we had an interesting 3 days as we had to open our door every time we needed to use our garage entrance pass.

The other solution for car tinting is having it done in one of the mall parking lots. If you look carefully this service (along with a basic hand wash for 20-25aed) can be found in a section of most of the parking garages around town. The company that I’ve noticed the most is 3M as they are doing a great job at advertising. Most recently I noticed their large presence in the Dubai Marina Mall.

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  1. marjan says:

    a tip. me and my colleague went to Sharjah and did the window tinting for 150 AED. Of course, it wasn’t 3M tint but it does the job rather well.

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