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Tips for the Male Accompanying Spouse

Moving overseas is all about change: new country, new customs, new job, new language. It’s a lot to handle all at once. When the lifestyle changes include trading in a career for full-time parenting, an even bigger adjustment is required. And if the expat in question is a man, the upending of traditional gender roles adds yet another layer of complexity to the process.

Men who have successfully made the transition know that approaching these changes as opportunities is the first step to thriving in expatriate life. “My advice would be: if you’re going to do it, give it everything you’ve got,” says former expat spouse John Burke. Here are some more suggestions for getting the most out of life as an expat spouse.

Don’t rush into a job search
If you’re planning to work in the new location, you may be tempted to get the ball rolling as soon as you’ve unpacked your bags, but waiting a few weeks — or even months — might be a better option. Taking some time to recover from jet lag, explore the surroundings, learn about the local culture, and deal with the early stages of culture shock will allow you to acclimate to the unfamiliar environment without the added stress of a new job.

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