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Too Many Ants! Help Us Pest Control!

Not sure if it was the sudden change in weather or simply a regular occurrence, but last week we received visitors that were not welcome! Our house was suddenly invaded by ants, all sorts of ants, little brown ones on our walls, micro-sized ants on our kitchen counters, big black ants that take bites out of your toes. It was awful!

After going wild with the Raid and Pif Paf, I immediately called National Pest Control. They told me the best way to be rid of the problem indoors was to tackle the problem outdoors. The ants would die outside and on their way in through the cracks, therefore solving the problem altogether. National Pest Control sent someone over the following day to rid me of the pests for good!

Pest control showed up exactly when they were meant to. After an inspection, they then sprayed the exterior of our villa, the walls and ground, and also the various anthills in our garden. We were told to keep all doors and windows closed for at least 3 hours and to keep the children away from the garden. It’s been several days now, and still not an ant in site in our villa!

National Pest Control not only deals with pests, but also unwanted birds and rodents. Pigeons can be a complete nuisance if they decide to make a home of your windowsill or roof. They are a problem that poses health risks too. Pigeons will often make nests in buildings and homes and rapidly reproduce. Contact with pigeon droppings is associated with three human diseases: histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and psittacosis. If you have a pigeon problem, then make sure to hose off the droppings and call pest control to come and collect them.

Most common household invaders are termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents, ants, pigeons, and snakes.
If you have problems with any of these pests check out Pest Control Directory for contact details.

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