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Check list for leaving Dubai | Expat Echo Dubai

bank-account-closed-150x150If you know you will be leaving Dubai then you must get organised as there is a lot to do. There are a lot of places you need to be physically present at ie to close down bank accounts.  Personal possessions, such as cars and furniture, can take more time than you realise to sell.

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One year
If you own a property, living in it and want to sell before you leave, now is the time to start researching agents and market prices and put it on the market.
If you rent, check when your lease expires. You can ask your landlord if he/she will give you an extension.

Six months
Find out how much notice you need to give your employer if you are leaving your job.
Research the tax implications of moving to another country, especially if returning to your home country or retiring. It is probably best to contact an accountant.

Three months
If you have children you usually need to give the school 1 terms notice and ask for leaving certificates.
Check what visas you will need in the country you are moving to.
Decide whether to ship or sell.  If selling, allow plenty of time for your items to be sold to get the best deals. With furniture , white goods, work out the cost effectiveness of shipping and then buying new again.
If shipping, get quotes from reputable companies, like Move One. Don’t forget to get insurance too. This is generally 3 to 3.5% of the value.
If you are undecided on where you’re moving to check out storage options and short term accommodation.
If you have pets, start looking at quarantine, vaccines, pet passports and export costs, ask  Move One Pet Transportation
If you haven’t opened offshore accounts and want to, now is the time as this can take up to 6 weeks.
If you have a live-in maid give her time to find another job and think about how to transfer her visa if she stays in Dubai.

Two months
For those selling property, it will take  at least six weeks to go through the process of clearing a mortgage, blocking the property with the Land Department, getting a no-objection certificate from the developer and transferring the title deed to receive your final payment.
Now is also the time to settle debts and make sure postdated cheques are returned to you. Keep all documentation after clearing debts and carry in your hand when you leave. You will be blacklisted as a debtor if a police case is opened over outstanding debts. This will set off an alert at immigration. Remember that as you have to give home country details for loans, debt collection agencies could track you down. You will also lose your gratuity if you leave with outstanding debt.
For car loans, remember it will take up to 10 days for the debt to be cleared. You will complete the transfer at the RTA and have to pay off fines.
Sort out visas and while you still have health insurance, organise vaccines and prescription drugs for the next 3 months.
Check your end of service gratuity and benefits.

Within the last month
Close bank accounts when you have received your final payment from your employer. Bank accounts left open without any money in them may be quietly incurring fees. UAE Central Bank regulations mandate a fixed penalty of Dh25 per month if a minimum balance of Dh3,000 is not maintained. To close your account, empty your bank account first then visit the nearest branch and complete a closure form in person. Loans must be cleared first.
Get quotes for filling holes and repainting of property then book for the last week before you move out or once you have moved out if you are taking a short term let.
Get copies of all medical and dental records.
Cancel utilities, including home broadband and TV package.
Check the cost of airline excess baggage and what luggage allowance an upgrade gives you,  it may well be worth it.
Give yourself plenty of time to write your shipping insurance list.
If you haven’t sold your car or house and you are worried about running out of time before you leave, get a friend, relative or real estate personnel authorised as your power of attorney, this is relatively simple but allow a couple of hours as queues can be quite long.

Last few days
Cancel DEWA and get your deposit back, make sure you have your original receipt.
Call the gas man and return your gas bottles to get your deposit back, again original receipt will be required.
Leftover items of all sorts can be donated to TakeMyJunk call 800-JUNK or sms  +971 50 1794 045
(0506975351 Whatsapp) Email:
Save important documents to the cloud and ensure originals are kept out of shipping.
Return  all keys to landlord and get your deposit back.
Cancel your mobile phone if it is a contract phone.

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