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Driving in Dubai

This is a topic that is talked about a lot amongst expats living in Dubai. When I was there, I thought it was a lot less scary then what I had prepared myself for. The streets are wide and remind me of the US. Not like the small, congested, mostly one way streets in Europe. During many Dubai expat interviews, I brought up this topic and was surprised to find many expat women were not at all phased by driving in Dubai. They mentioned that, while driving, you definitely had to keep your eyes open and checking all mirrors all the time. It’s not just ahead of you or next to you but sometimes a reckless driver can turn up behind you. So, stay alert and aware of everyone around you.

The other issue is seat belts. There is an amazing mom by the name of Lesley Cully that started an organization in May 2010 called Buckle Up in the Back of Dubai. You can follow and support this one-woman group on Facebook. She is really trying to make a difference and start a movement to force parents to buckle up their kids in the backseats while driving in Dubai. She’s starting to get support and recognition and I think what she is doing is great. People need to be safer on the roads – everywhere. Move One is supporting Lesley and we hope that more of you will, too.

Another issue that a lot of people do not realize is that GPS navigators do not work well in the UAE. This may surprise (and disappoint) a lot of you planning on driving in the UAE. The reason is that roads are changing so frequently in areas like Dubai that one day the GPS will direct you the right way and the next day there maybe a huge construction site in the middle of your route. It’s a helpful tool but not dependable. The accuracy of the GPS systems is a crap shoot and sometimes works but other times will get you further from your destination that you had planned.

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