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Travelling by Taxi

Travelling in Dubai by taxi is generally an easy experience unlike other expat locations there is no haggling with the taxi driver at the end of the journey as all journeys by Dubai Taxi’s are metered. It is worth remembering that there is a zero tolerance to drink driving in the United Arab Emirates and harsh penalties if you are stopped or have an accident and have been drinking. So if you intend to have even one small glass of wine be responsible and take a taxi. There are taxi ranks but taxis generally will stop anywhere to pick you up so choose a safe spot.

Dubai Taxi Corporation has the largest amount of taxi’s on Dubai’s roads. These taxis are cream with red roofs. They also franchise out taxis to other companies and these taxis are also cream but with different colored roofs (see list). Dubai Taxi Corporation also offers Special Needs Taxi’s which are equipped and large enough to take wheel chairs and Lady Driver Taxi’s for ladies and families.

With the influx of so many people to Dubai the numbers of taxis have also risen and some of the drivers are relatively new to town so it is advisable to carry a map with you to point out where you want to go to, however, most of the drivers will know where the major hotels or famous landmarks are located. Do not step into an unmarked taxi as these taxis are not metered and are illegal.As well as flagging down taxi’s in the street one can book a taxi from your home by calling 04 2080808. The first time you do this a representative will ask for your home address after this every time you call for a taxi the call will be automated and have your address registered. Please note if you change address but keep your original phone number you must update the taxi company with your new address otherwise the taxi will go to your old address!

If you are booking a taxi for a Thursday night or to go to a big event in town such as the World Cup Races it is worth pre-booking the taxi as far in advance as possible as these times can be very busy. If you are out and about one can also order a taxi by SMS. This service does not require registration. The customer enters the taxi rank area number which is shown on a board at the rank and sends this as a text message to 4774 and the closest vacant taxi within the customer’s area will be dispatched. At present this service is operational in 50 areas around Dubai.

Fares are very reasonable compared to other countries. Rates are the same whichever taxi company in the franchise you use. The minimum fare that can be charged is Dhs 10.00.

Starting Meter Fare
From 6.00am to 10.00pm
Hired on Road Dhs 3.00
Booked thru’ Dispatch Center Dhs 6.00
Airport Dhs20.00/Dhs 25.00*
From 10.00pm to 6.00am
Hired on Road Dhs 3.50
Booked thru’ Dispatch Center Dhs 7.00
Airport Dhs 20.00/Dhs 25.00*
Meter fare per km Dhs 1.60

If a journey takes you into Sharjah or the Northern Emirates then an additional Dhs 20.00 will be charged. Try to have some small notes to pay the fare as often the driver does not have change of larger notes e.g. Dhs 500.

Note from January 2013 Salik Charges have to be paid if your taxi passes under a toll gate.  You should tell your driver if you want to take an alternative route.

Dubai Taxi Corporation and their franchises (with roof color)

Al Arabia Taxi (green)
tel +971-4-2855566
tollfree 800-272242

City Taxi (white)

Cars Taxi (blue)
tel +971-4-2693344
toll-free 800-227789

Dubai Taxi (red)
tel +971-4-2080808

Metro Taxi (orange)
tel +971-4-2673222

National Taxi (yellow)
tel +971-4-3390002

Hatta Taxi (gold)

Ladies Taxi (pink)
971 4 2080808

There are other taxi companies operating in Dubai and other emirates that are not under the Dubai Taxis franchise, but they are far less common.
Some of them are:

• Al Ghazal Transport Company Abu Dhabi, tel +971-2-4447787
• Al Ghazal Transport Company Al Ain, tel +971-3-7516565
• Al Humaidi Luxury Transport, Jebel Ali, tel +971-4-8872996
• Al Marmoom Tourist Taxi, Dubai, +971-4-3476656
• Delta Taxi, Sharjah, tel +971-6-5598598
• Emirates Taxi, Dubai, tel +971-4-3394455
• Gulf Taxi, Dubai, tel +971-4-2236666

Dubai Taxis are meant to only pick up passengers in Dubai but can take them to other emirates but cannot pick up passengers in other emirates and bring them back to Dubai.

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  3. […] driving you will be arrested, imprisoned and consequences can include being deported. Abstain or take a taxi or car service if you plan to be out with your friends. Taxis and drivers are economical in Dubai. […]

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