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What is your DEWA Bill?

DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority)  recently declared there would be no increase in charges for water and electricity consumption and their fixed prices would remain unchanged. This came as a great relief to many expats many who have witnessed considerable increases to their DEWA bill in recent months however some are still complaining of massive increases despite these announcements.

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5 Responses to “What is your DEWA Bill?”

  1. Karen V says:

    2 Bed apartment dhs 450 every month.

  2. Kerri Gumbert Ebertowski says:

    Maybe its the fee that they weren’t getting before that all expats will be getting now that they are noticing. We’ve been paying it from the get go when we moved here this year but our friends who just moved from one place to another weren’t paying it before but are now.

  3. Nadia Khan-Ayoub says:

    Got a bill for over 5000 in the Meadows for September – a month in which we had no guests! Now we’re doing up the garden and lord knows what we’ll be paying then…

  4. Stephen Kay says:

    Was AED350 a month, now the special price of Aed2500 in mirdif

  5. Silvia Winkler-Hebnes says:

    Ours tripled over the last 2 months! And most of the time we weren’t even in the country.

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