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What to Do with Your Unwanted Electronic Items

Santa’s sleigh was a bit lighter this year, as on the top of many Christmas wish lists were the latest electronic gizmo’s.

However, by now you (hopefully!) have figured out how to work them so what can you do with your old electronic items?  Here are a couple of organisations in Dubai which will help you get rid of your old items responsibly.

Enviroserve – an electronic and electrical waste services company which provides safe and secure disposal of old and broken e-waste. They offer Data wiping or removal etc. Envioserve collect and dispose of end-of-life electric and electronic equipment in a responsible manner. which strictly adheres to local regulations as well as international standards established by the United Nations Environment Programme, and the WEEE (Directive 2002/95/EC).   Item can be deposited and many locations around Dubai.  Contact them to find a location near you.  In partnership with Enviroserve a company called Green Truck will also pick up direct from your villa or apartment.  They provide a weekly service and collect all varieties of paper, plastic, glass, metal cans and broken electronics.  This costs AED 100 per month.

FoneswapThis on-line company works with various retailers around town where you can deposit your old, unwanted mobile phones and they then properly reuse or recycle the electronic waste. Many phones are worth cash to the client, but if they are not they will still recycle them.

Dubai Municipality You can deposit your old mobile phones, computers, printers etc. for safe recycling at the municipality office on Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Manara.

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  1. Venkatesh says:

    Where do I dispose old electronic items like computer/printer etc

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