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Which is The Cheapest Supermarket in Dubai Today?

shopping-basket_1868430iFor people considering moving to Dubai one of the biggest questions on their minds is what is the cost of basic foodstuffs?  Now the government have introduced a new website that can answer just that question.

Sallety provides you with information on the latest prices of basic commodities. You can find and access this information using their web and mobile app. Using Sallety you will know the prices of about 270 items at different outlets across Dubai.

Here is an example of the different prices supermarkets are charging today

A litre of Al Ain Full Cream Milk

Lu Lu Supermarket AED 5.50
Carrefour AED 5.55
Spinneys AED 5.50
Union Co-op AED 5.25

Roasted or ground coffee selection ( MAXWELL) 200 Gram

LuLu Supermarket AED 33.75
Carrefour AED 23.25
Spinneys AED 36.25
Union Co-Op AED 32.25

Potato (Lebanon) 1kg

LuLu Supermarket AED 3.45
Carrefour AED 3.95
Spinneys AED n/a
Union Co-Op AED 3.40

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