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You can now register your Wills in Dubai

wills-probate-The first Common Law, English wills and
probate service for non-Muslims in the Middle-East.

Everyone suffers when they have a death in the family, whether they are locals, foreigners, Muslims, or Arabs. Sharia had set fixed regulations to distribute inheritance among family members, namely parents, spouses and children.

The Wills and Probate Registry provides a first-of-its-kind service that allows eligible individualsĀ the ability to register their wills according to the principles of testamentary freedom, meaning the freedom to dispose of their property upon death as they see fit.
The UAE is the first jurisdiction in the Middle East where non-Muslims can make a will under international-recognised Common Law principles.

The DIFC Wills and Probate Registry (WPR) does not have any judicial functions. It is an administrative body. They work with the DIFC Courts in the production of grants and court orders for the distribution of assets as well as guardianship. The ability of non-Muslims expatriates to gain legal certainty for the distribution of their assets in Dubai is subject to a formal will registration process and functions as an opt-in mechanism.

The goal is to ensure the Wills and Probate Registry services represent a viable inheritance solution for non-Muslims with assets in Dubai. Their aim is to deliver highly confidential wills’ registration and probate services with a level of speed, efficiency and quality that exceed global benchmarks.

At a time when laws are becoming more intricate and complex, DIFC Wills and Probate Registry seek to simplify and streamline the legal frameworks to enable a wide range of legal practitioners and individuals to resolve inheritance and succession issues with minimum hassle and costs.

The initial step is to make an appointment here
Your appointment confirmation email will include important information about the documents you will need to bring. This includes your unsigned will.
You must also bring a witness, and the appointed guardian (if applicable). All present parties need to bring their respective ID along with them. Fees can be found here

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