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Living in United Arab Emirates

ask louiseQuestionGood day, I am currently under job offer for Dubai. I am a single mother (divorced) with 2 kids, 8 & 13 years old. If everything goes well, we will be moving this summer. I know I am late for the schools. My daughter does not speak English very well, and my son of 8 does not speak the language at all. What about the schools? Are there special programs ? Thank you for helping me. Read more

ask louiseQuestionHi, I am a first time new mommy to a 7 month baby, I am a Jordanian housewife married to a Swedish business man.  Is there a group you can recommend for me & my baby boy to meet other Arabic-Swedish or other multi- cultural mom’s & babies please? Read more

ask louiseQuestionI just want to ask information regarding importation of pet from UAE to Philippines? Read more

photo-holidaysIt’s official now. Thursday, June 6, has been declared a holiday for the public and private sectors, extending the weekend to three days.

Thursday June 6 will be a paid official holiday for all workers of private sector companies and enterprises nationwide to observe the anniversary of Isra Wal Miraj, according to a circular issued by Saqr Ghobash, Minister of Labour. Read more

ask louiseQuestionHi, we are moving to Dubai in the summer from Seoul, Korea. My 5 year old daughter speaks English but with difficulty and I would for her to try and learn more English before the new semester.  Can you recommend any summer schools for learning English. Read more

ask louiseQuestionHi, can you help me with adult swimming classes in JLT or Dubai Marina areas please. Read more

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