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Moving away from Dubai? Want to get rid of some of your stuff before you leave but don’t want to GIVE it away?  If so Cash Converters on Sheikh Zayed Road maybe the place for you.

Simply bring your electronics, used furniture and second hand goods into their store and they will test the items if necessary.  Next they will agree a fair selling price and advise you how much you will actually receive when the items are sold.  They then put the items on sale in their showroom and when they are sold you will receive a SMS or email.  You will be paid immediately by swift, cheque or cash. If Read more

Ladies, are you new to Dubai? Mums, are you looking for a job again? If you need advice on finding the right job, you’ve come to the right place. Join in for CAREER COMEBACK Coffee mornings at Caffe Nero at Dubai Marina Mall. Read more

A common question on Expat Echo’s Ask Louise section is ‘how to I go about turning a hobby into a business?‘.  If you are looking for somewhere to channel all that creative talent then Little Majlis the specialist online market place to sell handmade goods created by artists, craftspeople, cooks and designers based in the GCC maybe the answer as it was for Michelle.

Michelle is quite the entrepreneur and started Misala Handmade here in Dubai after she and her husband made the move to the UAE three years ago. Read more

Would you know of any sporting holiday camps for children in December, which do provide boarding as well. Read more

Pet’s Name or Answers To: Mako
Last Seen or Found: Jumeirah Islands, Cluster 45 on 24th November 2012 at 8-9.30pm
Collar Color: Blue

Pet’s Description: Our black 18 month female tabby cat Mako is lost. She has black fur with two large white patches on her stomach, green eyes and she may be wearing a blue collar. Mako responds to her name, is very affectionate and is not aggressive towards people though she may be skittish around Read more

Check out our directory of golf clubs in Dubai and maybe register for some lessons at one of the many golfing academies or have a practice on one of the flood lit par 3′s in the cool of the evening. Read more

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