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This year Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, falls on Tuesday 13th of November and Hindus all over the world celebrate the triumphant homecoming of Ram, his wife Sita and their brother Laxsman from a gruelling 14 years spent in banishment in the jungle. Story has it that the night the weary travellers were returning was one without any moonlight to show the way, so villagers excited about the homecoming lit small clay earthen ware lamps using oil and wicks to make it easier for the travellers to navigate their way back.

So you’ll see many houses in Dubai lit up with tiny diyas in rows re enacting what the villagers did. Houses are often spring cleaned during this period so that good luck and prosperity can visit in the form of Laxshmi, families share gifts of money and new clothes Read more

The ‘Festival of Lights’ is a very present part of Dubai life due to the large Indian expat population. Don’t be surprised if your Indian neighbours light up their house over the next  week or even have a small firecracker and fireworks display in the garden!

Want to participate in the festivities? Here are the Dubai Diwali events for 2013!

Happy Diwali to all! Read more

This week’s Into-yous features German expat David

When did you move to Dubai and what brought you here?
I moved here 7 years ago when being recruited by the Jumeirah Group. However, after 2 years working for them and turning 30, I thought it was the right moment to work for myself.

Have you been an expat elsewhere and if so, where?
I was very fortunate to travel with my job. So lived in London for 3 years, 2 years in Honolulu, HI, and another 3 years in Dublin, Ireland Read more

Like Radio Control Cars/Trucks/Airplanes/Helicopters?
When moving to Dubai, families are always looking for lists of activities available out there for there kids.  Activities where children can meet other children with common interests.  There is an abundance of sporting activities but finding niche hobbies can sometimes be more of a hunt.  If your child is into remote control cars this upcoming event maybe something your child will enjoy.

Most of the radio control Cars/Trucks/Airplanes/Helicopters you see in stores are toys. Yes, I said most, not ALL. You play with them, they break, you throw them away! That’s the end to it. But if you want something that can take a lot more abuse, can be repaired, upgraded Read more

I’m thinking of growing potted salad vegetables and herbs to supplement my income. Are there any farmer’s markets or suchlike where I can rent a stall and sell my produce? Read more

If you have guests visiting over the next six months and are busy putting together itineraries of things for them to do while in Dubai why not add in a Stable Tour.  Your visitors will have the chance to retrace the steps of racing champions at the iconic Meydan Grandstand. This will give them a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes to discover where world-class horses are prepared, and witness trainers putting future champions through their morning paces, all while enjoying breathtaking views of the Meydan Grandstand and Racecourse.

A sumptuous breakfast is served track side at Farriers  before taking an exciting tour of our Stables and venues in the Meydan Grandstand including the Saddling Paddock, Jockey’s Lounge, Horse Connection Lounge and Parade Ring. Read more

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