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sofa-studioDiscover the UAE’s most unique shopping experience at the Sofa Studio’s ‘shop in shop’ concept at The Courtyard in Al Quoz.

Perched discreetly to the side of The Courtyard’s back entrance is a single door and a narrow staircase. At the top, lies an expansive, warehouse style space, brimming with colors, textiles and objets d’art. Within the space are four individual brands which combined, are home to a truly one of its kind arts community, in the hub of Dubai’s creative district.

Color in the Street is a funky vibrant brand with a great collection of home accessories and gifts. Specialising in (wipe clean) table-cloths, with an amazing array of patterns, colors and designs, these cloths are a must-have for anyone with kids! Read more

ask louiseQuestionDo you know of any computer training institutes in Al Barsha area near Mall of the Emirates that conduct basic computer training courses (MS Word and Excel). Read more

dog-trainingDoes your dog need to learn to behave a bit better?

Charlie is one of the friendliest dogs in the neighborhood! He loves people and children; however, his owner Tom was shocked and embarrassed when Charlie suddenly snapped at a friend who offered him a treat.

“Charlie was snuggled in his favorite corner when my friend approached him. He appeared very relaxed. In fact, he yawned and wagged his tail! Did I miss something?”

In our human world, canine communication is often lost in translation. Tom was unable to recognize important “calming signals” communicated by his dog’s need for “space”.

In Cloud9‘s upcoming seminar, “What Dogs Tell Us – Reading Calming Signals” our certified dog obedience trainer and behaviour consultant Dalya Eason will teach you how dogs communicate through body language. Read more

chris-brownThis week’s Into-yous features British expat Chris Brown

Tell us a little about yourself:
I have recently opened my own football business after working for 2 of the largest and most well known youth football academies during the time I have been here in Dubai.

I like to think of myself as enthusiastic, likeable, honest and good fun and I’m excited about building It’s Just FOOTBALL into a household name in the region. Read more

ask louiseQuestionI am an expat wife, and we moved to Dubai two month ago.  My child is 8 years old, and I am looking for a kids tennis club in the  Downtown area where we live, and also looking a good maid company and a good gynaecologist , and gym club( fitness, step, salsa). Read more

Afternoon-tea-at-JZS-300x300There’s something pretty special about an afternoon or high tea experience as it’s often referred to. Whenever I travel to cities with a colonial history I always find myself searching out afternoon tea. Must be the Brit half of me. My favourite to date has to be The Peninsula in Hong Kong where I queued for two hours on my birthday a few years ago (only walk-ins were allowed), which happened to coincide with Easter Sunday. I never queue, don’t believe in it – that’s the Cypriot and I guess diva half of moi. And all, just so I could partake in my obsession with this decadent tea feast. By the time I was seated at around 6ish, it was only fair that Mr Laurent Perrier should also join me. A close second is the Mount Nelson in Cape Town with its intimate buffet spread of sweet and savoury delights and quaint garden seating. To quote Henry James, an American-born writer and Anglophile from the 19th century, “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” Read more

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