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protection-dogs-globalWhile the celebrity cult of carrying a pampered pooch around in a diamond encrusted bag is well documented, indeed everyday fodder for gossip mags, less widely known is that the handsome hound by a film star or businessman’s side may be far, far more than a much loved pet. He is very likely to be a personal bodyguard.

Protection dogs do what it says on the tin. They will protect you and your family from harm. On command (and that is absolutely key) a protection dog will seek out and restrain an attacker. Suspect that a burglar is in your house – send the dog in first to find and secure the intruder. Feel you are being followed – send your dog to bark ferociously at whoever you feel may have Read more

outline-productionsAre you a British Expat living abroad?

Are you thinking of returning to the UK?

Leaving the UK to live and work abroad could be the best decision you have ever made and you never want to come back to Blighty. However, being away from home, family and friends and in a new culture isn’t necessarily for everyone. If you are considering moving back to the UK, for whatever reason, Outline Productions would like to hear from you! Read more

ask louiseQuestionI am German world traveler and kind of stranded with my car here at present. I need a cheap storage for my 4×4 Minibus 5x2x2,8m for the time from May till September. Do you have anything affordable for me? Looking forward to you answer. Read more

dora-1This week’s Into-yous features Filipino expat Elaine Jasmine Ocampo

Tell us a little about yourself:
Hi, I am an Event Manager of FHP Parties & Events Services. Ive been in the Company for 2 years almost.

When did you move to Dubai and what brought you here?
I came to Dubai April 2005 after  my Aunt convinced me to work here in Dubai. Read more

Found Cat in dubaiPet’s Name or Answers To: NA
Found: Marina Walk, Dubai Marina
Microchip Number: no microchip
Municipality Tag Number: no tag
Collar Color: no collar

Pet’s Description:
A Persian cat, boy, tammy colour, long fluffy fur, young, castrated, very friendly and educated, needs a new home (temporary or permanent) urgently! Read more

Skype in Dubai

The internet provider Etisalat has today confirmed that it has unblocked the internet phone service Skype’s website.

It said on its Facebook feed: “Etisalat Customers can now access the Skype website”. But while the newspaper The National was indeed able to access the site and download the application, it was unable to make Skype calls on Etisalat.

The company first announced the decision on its twitter feed on Thursday evening, but deleted the message within hours. Since then, however, they have reaffirmed it is indeed unblocked, enabling users to download the programme and top up their credit. Read more

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