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Hi Louise! I am Nidhi and have recently moved to Dubai. I am into terracotta jewellery by the name of AMRA. What is the best way to showcase one’s products in the city ? Are there any street markets ? Looking forward to your reply. Read more

Pet’s Name or Answers To: None
Found at: Springs Town Centre 3 Jan 2013.
Microchip Number: Yes
Municipality Tag Number: No
Collar Color: Not wearing Read more

Hi, I am an expat here, separated with my husband (not formal) for 7 years and I would like to ask what the requirements are if I want to marry again. We are both  non Muslim. Read more

New mom, or new town… where to turn?! Like being a new mom wasn’t stressful enough, you now find yourself at home with your baby with no one to dish about feedings, midnight wakings, and all the new milestones. Looking for other moms? Well we found them for you; here’s a list of playgroups available to moms in Dubai. Read more

Each year we come up with new resolutions for wanting to lose weight, join the gym, run, swim or anything else to get into shape. Some of us may actually start off well, but then just stop, others don’t even start at all. Why is that? What can we do to change it so that we stick with those resolutions that we have set ourselves?

First off set yourself a new year’s goal and not a resolution. Setting a goal involves a lot more planning and thinking about it. Below is a list of what to do to stick with those new year’s goals and not getting bored of them. This is one of the main reasons why we don’t usually achieve those resolutions, they start to become routine, there isn’t enough variation and we only focus on the one thing and don’t take other aspects into account. Read more

A mother-toddler group, Fun with Green Mums, offers well-structured activities for both mums and bubs. Started by Veena Gandhi, primarily for mothers in the Greens, the group on Facebook today has members from everywhere in Dubai- Springs, Tecom, Emirates Hills, Meadows, Bur Dubai, JLT, Jumeriah Park, Arabian Ranches, Motor City and even from Sharjah.

From organising events for kids such as story telling sessions with Veena, messy art, picnics, birthday parties, hip-hop sessions, cooking sessions- all volunteered by our enthusiastic mommies. They work together towards stimulating their kids’ creative sensibilities. Read more

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