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Move One Inc are proud to be sponsors once more for the Jumeirah English Speaking School at Arabian Ranches Spring Fair. This is a great day out for all the family with non-stop entertainment for the kids, young and old. There will be over 100 craft stalls offering you the chance to purchase some exquisite locally made products, live music and food.

This fun packed event will be taking place on Friday 22nd February from 3:30 to 7:30pm in the grounds of the school at Arabian Ranches. Read more

ask louiseQuestionMy family (wife and 3 children) overstayed and took advantage of the Amnesty and left the country in first week of Jan 2013. We asked and immigration authorities at Al Aweer who assured us that there is no ban on families, especially when they were here on a legal visa but did not renew, and they can get a new permanent residence visa within a day or two once they exit the country. I’m about to apply for their new visas but hearing a lot of news that those who availed 2012 Amnesty are either getting permanently black listed or a temporary ban, starting from 6 months up to unlimited. I would therefore request you to please confirm if this is a fact or just a rumour. Read more

ask louiseQuestionI was wondering if you’ve heard about Pulse listening centre? My son has some learning difficulties and I went there for a test. They advised me to make him listening therapy that sounds good but is very expensive. So do you know people who already undertook such a therapy, does it really work and worth the money spent? Read more

ask louiseQuestionJust about to move into our new villa and was wondering about the garden and gardeners.  How many times a week do they need to do the garden and how much is the going rate. Read more

Your Veterinarian/Veterinary Surgeon may be the second most important individual in your pet’s life. Finding and choosing the right one will help you keep your pet healthy and will give you peace of mind. But don’t wait until you have a medical emergency to start looking! Here are some suggestions to help you find the right vet for you. Read more

ask louiseQuestionWe are just looking into the possibility of moving into Dubai, and before we do that, I need to know how feasible it is. My husband is a newly qualified teacher in Australia, with ESL/teaching experience from Japan (he is American with Australian residency). We are hoping to move to Dubai with our son who will be 2 in September 2013.

Is it possible to move to Dubai with only 1 person working? Will the school provide a 2 bedroom apt? I am looking at substitute teaching maybe 1 -2 days a week, but we want to arrange his work first. I am also qualified to teacher, but wish to stay home with my son.

Any advice on this would be great, from school, best places to raise a young child etc… Read more

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