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photo-holidaysFollowing a decision by the UAE Cabinet, the public sector will be off from Sunday, October 13 to Saturday, October 19, with work resuming on Sunday, October 20.

Private sector workers will be off for three days, from Monday, October 14 to Wednesday, October 16, the Labour Ministry announced. Read more

sixth form studentsFor many expatriate families in Dubai, the issue of schooling weighs heavily. The system itself is difficult to navigate and academic standards vary massively across institutions, creating a need for incredible vigilance when prowling prospectuses. Even after a seemingly dream school has been identified, places will inevitably be in short supply; massive over-subscription has led to formidable waiting lists with uncertain outcomes. School hunting in Dubai is labour-intensive and difficult, a war of attrition that can wear out even the stout of heart. When this process goes askew, it is sometimes necessary to seek alternative routes. For many, UK boarding schools present an attractive solution. Read more

active-sports-academy-logoAt this time of year it feels as if Dubai is a giant awaking from its summer hibernation. Those long hot months where much of the population either leaves the country or lies low, are suddenly forgotten as an influx of residents and new comers get to grips with the energy of our wonderful city in full flow. These months mark a fresh start for many, with children starting or changing school, new jobs and for some a whole new life in a new country. In the hustle and bustle of such a busy backdrop it can often feel difficult to establish or re-establish a social network and that feeling of isolation can very quickly detract from the excitement & possibilities in this vibrant city. There are several on-line expat groups and forums such as this Expat Echo Dubai, which can help you feel welcome and included – but how about coming at it from a different angle? Read more

ask louiseQuestionHello, I am looking for a good and competent vet. Could you please advise? Its for my pet Maltese dog. Read more

ask louiseQuestionI am moving with my wife and son (17 years) to Dubai in December and have a few questions:

– Does Jumeirah Village Triangle have pools, tennis courts, gyms etc.?
– How could my son, who is a fairly good soccer player, become a part of a local team (adult team, not school team)?
– Which English courses would you recommend for my wife; she needs to freshen her English with practical teaching methodology? Read more

Bubs Boutique photo High res-1This week’s Into-yous features two British expast Paula & Kirsten

Tell us a little about yourself:

Paula: I am from the UK, married to Ben, a Kiwi, and we have two boys aged five and two.  I co own bubsboutique  an online baby store with Kirsten Fairfield.

Kirsten is also from the UK and is married to a South African. Kirsten has three children aged five, two and nine months.

Bubsboutique was established in 2009. We were one of the first of the on-line stores in the region.  Catering primarily for the 0-5 age range, we have sourced brands from around the world, which, are cool and contemporary but don’t compromise on luxury, durability and practicality.  As mums ourselves they are often selected as a result of us having tried and tested them so really do get our seal of approval! Read more

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