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bank-account-closed-150x150If you know you will be leaving Dubai then you must get organised as there is a lot to do. There are a lot of places you need to be physically present at ie to close down bank accounts.  Personal possessions, such as cars and furniture, can take more time than you realise to sell.

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CardHave you heard of VoIP calling cards?

These are cards which can help you cut down on your international telephone bills without resorting to illegal channels! The Du cards are called Hello!, while Etisalat cards are called Five.They have been in the market for a while now, but not many  people are aware of it, or know where to find them.
You can simply pick up VoIP international calling cards at grocery stores or at Etisalat and DU outlets.
The Hello! calling cards come in three denominations – Dh15, Dh30 and Dh50, while Etisalat’s Five comes in two – Dh20 and Dh50.
Both calling cards work on Etisalat and du connections.
Etisalat’s Five calling card offers discounted call rates to Bangladesh, China, India, Kuwait, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka for as little as 40 fils per minute. Read more

ask-louise QuestionI have a gas bbq and have run out  of the propane gas (grey bottle) and no idea where to get a replacement bottle. I’m having a bbq this weekend.  HELP!

AnswerUnfortunately you might have to delay your bbq until Sunday! The only solution for this weekend would be to call your usual gas company and have them change the fitting on your gas bbq so that you can use the orange bottles, however, most bottles are too big to fit inside the bbq. If  you can wait, there are two companies in Dubai who refill gas bottles.  Al Nooryani Gas, whom you can call and they will come to your villa to pick up the bottle but it takes 2 full working days to get it back or Lahej & Sultan where you will have to go to Karma to drop off your bottle and can collect it 2 working days later. Read more

facebookThings you should not be doing on Facebook in the U.A.E.
From 7 Days Dubai.


Following the TRA white paper that warns tagging people without consent could land you in trouble with the law, 7DAYS looks at eight other things you must know if you are a Facebook user in the UAE. Read more

Found Cat in dubaiPet’s Name or Answers To: n/a
Last Seen or Found (when and where):Dubai Silicon Oasis,  Cèdre villas
Microchip Number: n/a
Municipality Tag
Number: n/a
Collar Color:
Pet’s Description: Kitten female white brown
Mobile Number: +971 552068175 or Read more

ask-louiseIQuestion am a tenant and this is my first DEWA bill. I was charged for the housing fees and sewerage. Should I pay for them because at the time of booking I was charged 5% as a commission fee, now I am confused!!!

AnswerHousing fees for expat tenants is calculated on 5% of the unit’s annual rent, while expat owners must pay 0.5% of the value of the property as determined by RERA’s (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) rental index. These amounts are divided by 12 months and each month invoiced in installments. DEWA is requiring expats both living in freehold and non-freehold properties to register their accommodation details on the municipality’s portal in order to assist them to calculate the associated housing fee and to enable the invoicing of DEWA’s monthly utility bills.
It is important for expats to clearly understand this process as you could risk paying a higher housing fee according to the RERA index, which may not be equal to the actual rent being paid. In addition, if you have negotiated a lower annual rental amount on a lease renewal it would be beneficial to take your documentation including most recent DEWA bill, copy of tenant’s passport and the new tenancy contract to the DEWA office to negotiate housing fee adjustments. Read more

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