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pensionsAre you an expat in a UK public sector defined benefit pension scheme? If so you have less than 10 months if you wish to transfer it.


The government is removing the right to transfer from public sector Defined Benefit schemes to Defined contribution arrangements.

Experts say the move is designed to prevent large numbers of public sector workers ditching their DB scheme in favour of a defined contribution arrangement after Osborne announced a radical overhaulĀ of the UK pensions framework earlier this year. The reforms, which will take effect from April 2015, will allow anyone who is aged 55 or over to take their entire pension fund as cash. Read more

Need a Handy Man?
One of the joys of living in Dubai is there is always help at hand. No need to scour the yellow pages looking for a carpenter or call a plumber only to find he is not free for the next six months. I recently moved and once the un-packing was all complete the next mission was to hang all the artwork we had gathered on our travels (enough to fill the National Gallery), put up the all essential shelves and hang the curtains. After one phone call the maintenance man was at my door, electric drill in hand. Read more

ask louiseQuestionHi Louise, we’re moving to Dubai in 2 weeks and I need to buy a car, I’d love to know if you have any advice for me. I have 2 daughters, 8 and 6, and we’d like something small-medium sized that will stand out in a car park, something fun yet safe. We were thinking of a convertible but not sure it’s a good idea in the heat. Any recommendations would be gratefully received! Thank you. Read more

ask louiseQuestionGood to find a site like this…
I have received an offer for a job in Dubai as General Manager of a company. The company is located in Dubai Investment Park. I have two really small children (1 and 3 years old) and would like to have an house close to the office and need to find a kindergarten for them too. Could you recommend some locations for is? What are the yearly average costs for housing, kindergarten, getting a car? Read more

1. Choose which curriculum you are looking for your child to follow
In Dubai there are many different curriculum’s on offer including English, American, French, German, Australian & Indian. When choosing a secondary school offering English National Curriculum investigate what curriculum they offer in years 12 & 13 as many of the schools are offering GCSE and in Years 12 & 13 are offering International Baccalaureate. Read more

attested-documents-in-dubaiMaking the move to a new country will inevitably involve a little bit of hassle. In addition to the emotional stress of leaving close friends and family behind, it should involve undertaking some necessary practical steps in order to make your transition as smooth as possible. For example, which documents will require attestation for use in your new chosen country of residence? Many travelers tend to skip this vital step in the preparation process, only to find that they could have saved themselves much difficulty and delay. The following article will explain how you should go about attesting documents required for a move to the United Arab Emirates, concentrating specifically on marriage certificates and educational certificates. Read more

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