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people talkingRelocating to a new city means meeting and making new friends.  If you have children of school age meeting people is slightly easier but many people relocate to Dubai without kids so that expat has to make an extra effort to meet people. A great way to do this is do join a social club!  There are a variety of social clubs in Dubai from hobby clubs, women’s clubs, sports clubs, etc.  This directory will focus on Nationality specific social clubs as well as women’s clubs.  Nothing better for a homesick expat then to make a few new friends from “home”.

Read more

garden-in-dubaiWhen renting a villa with a garden in Dubai usually the maintenance of the garden is the tenants responsibility. Often when new tenants move into the villa the garden has died off due to the villa being left vacant for a few weeks or months and so the garden has not been watered.

The up keep of a garden is something to be put in your budget when searching for a villa as it can be expensive because of the amount of water they ‘eat up’.  Don’t be fooled by that corner villa with a huge lawn – remember this will need to be watered and sometimes of the year twice a day!  In reality there is also a limited amount of time you and your children will spend in the garden.  From May to October the balcony doors will be kept hermetically sealed  due to the intense heat and the garden will only be for looking at.

It is worth thinking about putting an irrigation system into the garden (many will come with one) as it is more efficient.  The plants around the borders can be watered through a ‘drip irrigation system‘. Read more

ask louiseQuestionI was wandering, is there any programs in Dubai for women football. I am 18. Read more

Attention, animal lovers, it’s almost the spookiest night of the year! Homely Petz recommends taking some common sense precautions this Halloween to keep you and your pet safe on this night of ghouls and fun. Read more

Flu ShotEvery year, millions of people around the world catch the dreaded seasonal flu!  When one thinks of the flu, they think of cold weather, runny noses, itchy eyes and soar throats – one does not however typically think of the desert and palm trees. Despite the fact that Dubai has glorious winter weather, people are nonetheless still prone to catching the flu. Read more

ask louiseQuestionWe are moving out to Dubai next year from the UK and my 17 year old is wanting to learn to drive is that possible to do in Dubai or should he learn in the UK first? Read more

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