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Moving Tips 2When shipping your pet to join you at your new destination you will want to make sure they are going to be as comfortable as possible.  Move One Pet Transportation advises to let your pet get accustomed to the kennel before it travels, it usually takes two to five days to adjust to the kennel environment.  To avoid air sickness make sure you give your pet a small meal no later than 12 hours before the flight.  Avoid using sedatives or tranquilizers on your pet as they may lead to injuries during transport and lastly place a blanket, towel, or shredded paper at the bottom of the kennel for your pet’s comfort but do not include any chewable toys. Read more

indexMaster developer selectively approving construction of garden rooms in some villa communities

For the first time, Dubai-based master developer Emaar Properties is giving approval to its residents in communities like The Meadows and The Springs to construct an additional room in the garden of the villas.

A customer service executive at the company confirmed to Emirates 24|7 on the phone that the property developer has recently started accepting applications for the garden rooms, but noted that there remain conditions attached to the approval. Read more

Dubai has many different communities each with their own amenities, services, shops, restaurants, ect.  While it is nice to discover your new surroundings on your own at your own pace, it is often useful to have some help.  Many communities offer forums, web and face book pages which offer a comprehensive resource about what it’s actually like to live in these communities, services available and events due to take place. Some of these sites are resident run and have nothing to do with the master developer such as Emaar or Nakeel.

Read more

ask louiseQuestionMy name is Charlotte and I have recently moved to Dubai. When living in the UK I took part in numerous amateur musical theatre productions. I’m really eager to get involved in musical productions again now that I’m in Dubai. I have searched for amateur companies who put on musicals but I can’t seem to find any.

I would be very grateful if you could let me know of any forthcoming shows or amateur groups.

AnswerThere are a couple of companies that put on shows in Dubai and are always looking for cast members.  These include Popular Productions (combination of professional and amateur – shows such as Wizard of Oz) and Ductac (put on shows like ‘Cats’).  Visiting theatre companies also visit Dubai and put on shows and put a call out for extra cast members.  Sometimes this is just for children and sometimes for adults too.  Watch the press for more details of shows coming to Dubai.  There are other amateur drama groups that do not do musicals but you may also be interested in them – Dubai Drama Group & Backstage.


fitness-in-ramadanRamadan is an important time in Dubai for many residents. Many expats will be fasting during this period and still waiting to remain healthy and active.

We’ve put together a few tips to ensure a safe way to continue a fitness regime as the month progresses.

When should I exercise?
As each individual’s needs and capabilities are different, some people can train before breaking their fast quite comfortably, so give it a go. Try to do some simple exercise and determine how you feel and continue if it feels good. Sometimes as the month wears on and tiredness sets in, you may need to adjust your exercise time. Monitor and adjustment is key during Ramadan. Read more

ramadan-charityWhile living in Dubai, Ramadan is the perfect time to get involved with local charities.  Charity is very important in Islam, and even more so during Ramadan. Zakāt, often translated as “the poor-rate,” is obligatory as one of the pillars of Islam; a fixed percentage of the person’s savings is required to be given to the poor.

Here are a few charities below that you can give to or volunteer with throughout the month of Ramadan and don’t forget to check out our Charity Directory for charities you can help out all year round. Read more

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