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ask louiseQuestionIf I have a drivers license from Canada that expires in August 2016, can i get it transferred to a UAE license?
I was a student there when I obtained it but I do not have residency there anymore.

AnswerI’m sorry to say but as you are no longer a citizen of Canada you cannot transfer your license to a U.A.E. one.

You may be eligible to transfer your existing driving license, without having to take a driving test or going to a driving school, if you have a valid driving license from some countries. You have to be a citizen of the country given with current resident status in UAE. This means that former residents from these countries who may be holding permanent driver licenses are not eligible and you will have to follow all the steps to get a new license.

Canadian citizen’s require a letter from the Canadian Consulate in Dubai to verify that the license is genuine, before transferring your license. Read more

Image_ 01Take a look at this interesting article by Ruth Mendez. Ruth is a working mom of twin girls who works as a Community Manager for, the leading after school activity planning platform for kids and moms in Dubai.

A Snapshot of family expenses. In the latest survey done by the Statistics Centre in Abu Dhabi, there were 8,000 households that served as respondents for their efforts know the average income and expenditure of each household in UAE. Abu Dhabi is home to 55% of the total population of UAE and therefore, it’s a great location to understand and reflect the majority of the Emirati and Expat lifestyle. Read more

80-kmh-Speed-Limit-150x150Be warned the speed limit on Umm Suqeim Road and Al Qudra Road will be standardised at 80kph from June 1.  It is said it has been implemented to reduce and prevent accidents.
The limit will cover the sector from Sheikh Zayed Road to Emirates Road (formerly Dubai Bypass Road), according to the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority. Read more

mjobsHave you heard about the mjobs app?

This is a new app  that was launched by the Dubai Smart Government Department (DSG) on April 27th and has been downloaded by 15,700 users during the three weeks of its launch. It started from the Careers UAE Fair at the end of April 2015. If you’re looking for a new job this could be a great place to start.

The statistics revealed by DSG showed that 67,740 various operations were processed through the app from 18 government entities so far participating in the app and offering their job vacancies through it. As many as 3,000 people registered through the mJobs app itself, while 12,700 people applied for the announced job vacancies. Read more

ask-louiseQuestionI’d like to learn what is the exact situation for owning a Siberian husky in Dubai.  As  I heard, the dog breed list was updated in 2009 but I couldn’t reach the latest list. Does Husky breed need to live only in villas?

AnswerHuskies are on the restricted list of dogs in Dubai, which means they must be kept on a lead and muzzled at all times when outside of your home. Most apartments will not allow dogs, especially big dogs so they need to be in villas, preferably with gardens for the winter months.
Here is a list from Move One Pet Relocation on which dogs may not be brought into Dubai Read more

bank-account-closed-150x150If you know you will be leaving Dubai then you must get organised as there is a lot to do. There are a lot of places you need to be physically present at ie to close down bank accounts.  Personal possessions, such as cars and furniture, can take more time than you realise to sell.

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