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ask-louiseIQuestion am a tenant and this is my first DEWA bill. I was charged for the housing fees and sewerage. Should I pay for them because at the time of booking I was charged 5% as a commission fee, now I am confused!!!

AnswerHousing fees for expat tenants is calculated on 5% of the unit’s annual rent, while expat owners must pay 0.5% of the value of the property as determined by RERA’s (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) rental index. These amounts are divided by 12 months and each month invoiced in installments. DEWA is requiring expats both living in freehold and non-freehold properties to register their accommodation details on the municipality’s portal in order to assist them to calculate the associated housing fee and to enable the invoicing of DEWA’s monthly utility bills.
It is important for expats to clearly understand this process as you could risk paying a higher housing fee according to the RERA index, which may not be equal to the actual rent being paid. In addition, if you have negotiated a lower annual rental amount on a lease renewal it would be beneficial to take your documentation including most recent DEWA bill, copy of tenant’s passport and the new tenancy contract to the DEWA office to negotiate housing fee adjustments. Read more

ask-louiseQuestionI am leaving Dubai in the summer to take my kids back to University and boarding school. If I stay out of Dubai for more than 6 months will my residency visa be automatically cancelled?


If you stay out of Dubai for more than 6 months and you have not cancelled your visa, it is usually cancelled automatically and you may get a fine as well as you re-enter Dubai. If you were employed, you might also be registered as an absconder, so you may also get a ban. The best place to check is with the Ministry of Labour and the Department of Immigration before you leave.  Read more

join-our-team‘Looking for a new job but without the every day work commitment?

Are you outgoing and enjoy meeting new people? Are you interested in a career opportunity to introduce expatriates into your town and help them with certain elements of settling in? Move One’s Relocation Team in the Middle East is expanding and looking for new Consultants to help expats in their process of relocating. Work part-time, flexible hours and be part of a dynamic team of relocation professionals assisting 100s of assignees each month find their future homes, source new schools, settle into their new environment and learn how to navigate their new location. Read more

11174875_781095592006022_2698054641687995500_nThe weather is heating up and our pets can no longer have the run of the garden during the day, or can they? Whether you work or your dogs just love to be outside even though its hot, Dog House UAE solves your pet problem. Their houses have been researched thoroughly to give our dogs the best possible house in the Emirates. It takes into consideration all the requirements of the dog, the owner, and the local weather. Read more

gas bottleMost homes in Dubai use gas from bottles for cooking. You will see orange gas trucks driving around. Some of the companies will post stickers under your door so you know who to contact. The service is very prompt and you’ll usually get a bottle within an hour if not quicker.
If it’s your first time ordering one and you need a new bottle and you will have to pay a deposit for the bottle, after that when yours runs out you just swap it for a new one that is filled with gas and you pay for the gas only.
If you’re leaving Dubai or moving to another Emirate you will need to call them to come and take the bottle away and then you will be able to get a refund. Make sure you’ve kept the receipt from the first purchase!
Here is a list of all the Emirates Gas Dubai suppliers with phone numbers for you… Read more

summer-camps-2013The majority of children in Dubai will soon by saying goodbye to exams and hello summer holidays!

In the past many expat families used the long summer break to escape the heat and spend two months in cooler climes visiting friends and family.  However, today more and more families have both parents working which limits the amount of time families can spend away from Dubai. For this very reason Dubai has witnessed a rise in the amount of companies now offering holiday camps throughout the hot summer months.  So whether your child’s passion is in the sports or arts there will be the opportunity for them to be busy and entertained throughout the whole summer holidays here in Dubai.

Here is a growing list of the camps that will be on offer this summer. Read more

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