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Moving Tips 2When you are moving into your new home arrange to have pest control and a deep clean carried out in the house before you move all your ‘stuff’ in as it is much easier to do these things when there isn’t anything or anyone (including your pets) in the house. Read more

ask louiseQuestionHi, I would like to join a book-club.  I live in Mirdif.  Are there any book clubs in the area? Read more

This subject always creates a lot of emotive conversation when brought up amongst expat parents. Since the creation of the Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA) the teaching of Arabic in foreign private schools has become a huge focus and the amount of hours the children get taught Arabic has increased. The KHDA state that any private school that has non-Arab students shall teach four Arabic Language classes per week for all grades through to Year 9 (age 13-14). The private schools are allowed to use their own language books after obtaining approval from the Authority. Read more

ask louiseQuestionI’m Pregnant with 20 weeks and lately my boss fired some colleagues, I’m afraid to be in the next cut list of the company, is there any law that protects me from been fired since I’m pregnant? Or it doesn’t matter here in Dubai? Read more

If you have recently moved to Dubai you maybe looking to buy some furniture especially as many of the homes we move into here are much bigger than we had back home.

The range of furniture for sale in Dubai is extensive ranging from your functional value for money flat-pack furniture to hand crafted Italian designer furniture.  Being a very International city, Dubai also has an a great choice of furniture designs from all around the world.

However, to save you trawling the malls looking for all these great furniture options Expat Echo Dubai has put together a list of some of the most popular furniture shops and their locations in Dubai.

Don’t forget to also look at the classifieds as there are many great bargains to be grabbed in the second-hand market too.

Read more

Many expats in Dubai, may at this time of year feel like they are running a small guest house with the amount of visitors that pass through their doors.  Some of you will have had guests stay since the beginning of the festive season and are running out of sites to show them in and around Dubai so this weekend why not venture inland to the oasis city of Al Ain located just under 2 hours drive from Dubai. Read more

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