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Living in United Arab Emirates

Westonbirt house logo fill red cmyk extra largeWestonbirt School is an Independent Boarding and Day School for girls aged 11-18 in the heart of the English countryside. Their Headmistress, Mrs Natasha Dangerfield and their Director of Admissions, Mrs Patricia Stevenson will be travelling to the Middle East from Monday 2 March – Friday 6 March and will be delighted to meet with families, schools or agents who are keen to learn more about Westonbirt School.

There will be a presentation on the benefits of an education at a top UK girls’ boarding school and information about the entry process.

If you are unable to attend one of the receptions they will be available to meet families by appointment.

For further information please contact Mrs Patricia Stevenson who can be reached via email now and throughout the trip. Read more

Moving Tips 2It is very important that you make time to get your contents which you are shipping surveyed.

If the contents are not surveyed and you book for example 15 cubic metres this is what you will be quoted.  However, when the packers come and the volume exceeds this amount you will be charged  extra.  Moving surveyors accurately measure your goods and provide a quotation based on this measurement.

Read more

ask louiseQuestionI am planning to move to Dubai with my family. My company is not going to cover my utility costs and I am trying to calculate additional monthly costs that I may expect.  Do you have any your or your friends example of typical consumption of water and electricity in Dubai ?

AnswerIs 1500kwh and 18 000 IG realistic for two bedroom (3 room, family size 3) apartment? I am sure it depends on month but maybe you can share whats the highest consumption that you had? Read more

Santa’s sleigh was a bit lighter this year, as on the top of many Christmas wish lists were the latest electronic gizmo’s.

However, by now you (hopefully!) have figured out how to work them so what can you do with your old electronic items?  Here are a couple of organisations in Dubai which will help you get rid of your old items responsibly. Read more

eviction-notPick up the paper one day and the headline reads “rents set to rise” and the next day “rents set to drop”!  As confusing as it all seems this doesn’t affect you if you are already in your property and paying the market rate as there is a strict amount that your landlord can increase the rent as calculated by the RERA Index.

My landlord will just evict me and rent it for a much higher rent‘ you may say.  But the answer is they can’t just evict you for no reason.

They can only evict you for the following reasons: Read more

If you are moving to Dubai with your children and they are going to be attending school in Dubai start collecting all the documents you will need to make the procedure hassle free.

Here is a list of documents needed when applying to a school in Dubai.

Make sure you also check the schools official requirements! Read more

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