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At this time of year, the weather is perfect and residents tend to spend more time outside enjoying the gorgeous weather but unfortunately this also brings it problems for your skin.  Here’s some tips from a specialist on how to protect and take care of your, and especially your kids skin.

This near perfect weather makes you want to be at the pool and on the beach even more than usual. This spring, make sure you and your loved ones are protected from the harsh United Arab Emirates (UAE) sun. Dr. Radmila Lukian from the Dubai London Specialty hospital answers some important questions, things you’ll want know in order to protect yourself and your kids. Read more

rental-disputes-in-dubaiBeing treated unfairly by your landlord?
How to deal with property rental disputes in Dubai

In a city where so many people rent instead of owning their homes, extreme annual increases are frequently a hot topic. In December last year, the Dubai government announced that it was introducing new laws that would give landlords the right to increase rents by up to 20 percent if the price currently being paid was significantly below the rental index of the area. According to figures from property firm CB Richard Ellis, average rental rates in Dubai have increased by 17 percent since 2012. There is often a lack of knowledge among many renters of their rights, but these three case studies should shed some light on how to take your dispute to the Dubai’s Land Department’s Rental Dispute Settlement Centre, and perhaps even win.

Out of the blue, my landlord told me he wanted me to move out because his son needed to move into the apartment. When I offered to pay 30 percent more rent, he agreed to continue renting the apartment to me. Under RERA laws the landlord can terminate a contract with 12 months’ notice if he genuinely wants the apartment for his own use or to sell it. Read more

Teenage girl studyingSchool is now well underway for kids in Dubai and schedules will be becoming jam packed with football and swimming activities but even at this time of year it is worth keeping a check on how your kid is doing with their academic subjects and if they are falling behind it maybe worth investing one afternoon a week on a tutor.

Your child may just need to go to the Tutor for  a couple of weeks or months or it maybe something they do all year.  Many parents may soon find out that the way subjects such as Maths is taught these days is not how they were taught in the old days! Or it could be that your child does not work well with you.  However, what ever the reason help is at hand in Dubai with companies offering tutors.

Tutors can help by giving  one-to-one instruction, fill in missing gaps that the child may have missed in the curriculum, help the child understand for example math concepts and even help with revision for exams and entrance tests.

Here is a list of companies in Dubai that offer tutors: Read more

hissah-enrichment-centreAs a client of ours so aptly put it the other day, “Your health is your greatest gift!”

It is so true! What is funny about thinking about health, however, is that more often than not we are usually talking about our physical health.

The Hissah Enrichment Center located in Dubai’s Media City know that there are many kinds of health and its your mental-emotional health that can be at the center of it all. For this they have services, specialists, assessments and a very bright and peaceful space for finding some relief away from it all, not to mention a room devoted entirely to your kids.

At the center you will find Ms. Lama Younis, the first Saudi female criminologist and forensic psychologist. An experienced practitioner, Lama has a passion for improving the lives of parents and their children everywhere and will make you feel at home immediately. You will also find her colleague Mr. Thomas Dyer, a former New Yorker and weathered career counselor and youth leadership development trainer. Read more

Missing CatPet’s Name or Answers To:  George
Last Seen or Found (when and where):  24 Feb 2014 street 71 in Mirdif
Microchip Number:
Municipality Tag Number:
Collar Color: 

Pet’s Description:  He is a big white male Russian cat answers to his name very gentle Read more

fisherman-690x394Nothing compares to picking up fresh seafood. So of course we are delighted to discover this very recently opened fish market right in the heart of Jumeirah.

Yes, it’s true, now you can wake up bright and early and head straight to this organized and clean outdoor market to pick up the days catch including lobster and crabs.

There are plenty of fishmongers and with so much competition it also means haggling is completely acceptable!

Another little useful tip is heading there in the evening when they are about to close because prices are generally lower. Read more

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