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In recent years the story about real estate brokers in Dubai scamming tenants out of their rental cheques seems to have resonated with a surprisingly large number of people. The story referred to real estate agents running away with tenants’ rental cheques, issued in the name of real estate agents. Many issued cheques in the amount of a full year’s rent, plus other fees, such as deposit, commission and DEWA bills. These amounts were never transferred to the intended landlords and, as such, no tenancy relationship ever materialized. Meanwhile, the real estate agents were nowhere to be found. Read more

We are just trying to work out our package we are being offered for a job in Dubai and want to ask is the air-conditioning expensive and do you need it on all year round. Read more

The ceremony surrounding the preparation, serving and drinking of gahwa (Arabic coffee) derived from the traditions of Islamic and Bedouin hospitality. Unlike the comparatively stronger flavoured “western” style coffees, the traditional gahwa of the Emirates has a very mild coffee flavour, a distinct cardamom taste with a touch of saffron. Gahwa is never sweetened with sugar, instead fresh dates are offered to accompany the aromatic brew. The dates refresh and sweeten the palate between each sip of gahwa. Read more

shopping-basket_1868430iFor people considering moving to Dubai one of the biggest questions on their minds is what is the cost of basic foodstuffs?  Now the government have introduced a new website that can answer just that question.

Sallety provides you with information on the latest prices of basic commodities. You can find and access this information using their web and mobile app. Using Sallety you will know the prices of about 270 items at different outlets across Dubai.

Here is an example of the different prices supermarkets are charging today Read more

ask louiseQuestionAm soon moving to Dubai, where my husband got a job requiring a lot of travels. We have 2 baby girls (26 & 2 months old respectively).  Could you suggest ways of finding some house help (nannies/house help), so to get started? Read more

Found Cat in dubaiPet’s Name:  Unknown
Last Found: Jumeirah Park
Microchip Number: 79269 (ends in)
Municipality Tag Number: none
Collar Color: none Read more

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