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ask louiseQuestionThis is my first Ramadan in Dubai – can you advise if the supermarkets are open as normal? Read more

To pay or not to pay? That is the question.
It is an inconvenient truth that no expat working in Dubai is immune to the risk of redundancy or job loss. Should these trials arise at the start of summer, when many expats depart on vacation and recruitment grinds to a near halt, an individual faces additional pressure. In this situation, it would cross many a person’s mind to board a flight with their family and vow not to return to the UAE, seemingly leaving their debts and troubles behind. Unfortunately for those that do make this unwise decision, there is rarely a happy ending. In this article we will consider the laws in relation to debt and debt recovery and how these apply to expatriates in the UAE. Read more

This time of year witnesses many expats moving away from Dubai and back to their home countries. Being new to Dubai may have been stressful all those years ago and going back home can be just as stressful. It is not always as easy for you as everyone back home thinks it will be. Here is a great article about ‘repatriation’ with a lovely video at the end, perfect for those of you preparing to make that final exit from Dubai.

This weekend I quietly celebrated my 5th repativersary. Hard to believe we’ve been back home in Canada the same amount of time we were away. And incredibly, we’re not just surviving — we’re thriving. (If you had told me back in June 2007 that I’d be saying that in 2012, I would have laughed and/or cried in your face.) Read more

Smiling boy holding a baseball tball batIt’s almost that time again: the start of the annual expat migration back home. Some of you will be going home to stay… but we’ll talk about that another day. Today I’d like to focus on home leave instead.

Home leave is a divisive topic in the expat community. Some people love going back home; others hate it. My best friend Deb lived in Belfast for seven years, and relished the intensity of her visits back to Toronto. “I packed in everything I could,” she says. “Everybody wants to see you, and it’s vibrant and exciting, because you’re cramming all the visiting and running around into three weeks. I never felt like it was too much.” Read more

bounced-chequeTotal amount of bounced cheques in Dubai is valued at Dh33.3bn for the last three years

Dubai Police has started a campaign to create awareness about the dangers of bounced cheques.

The two-week campaign titled ‘Cheque is a loyalty tool not an insurance tool’ will use various social media channels to inform people about the perils of issuing blank cheques while availing loans.

The punishment for issuing a bounced cheque is jail, fine, as well as returning the amount, said a top Dubai Police official. Read more

The summer holidays have just about started and if you are not planning to travel to a cooler climate, you will be looking for ways to entertain the children – at the same time, trying your best to avoid the soaring summer heat.

Last month, we featured an article titled ‘How to entertain your kids in the heat’ which offered some great ideas on things to do with your children and teenagers but, many of you were interested to know how to survive the summer with a toddler. So, Expat Echo Dubai has come up with a few ideas… Read more

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