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ask louiseQuestionMy wife and kids will be joining me next year in Dubai moving over from Houston in the States.  Please can you let me know which schools in Dubai follow the American curriculum as I need to register my two children.  They are at High School. Read more

Enter any hotel lobby or mall in Dubai and it is hard not to notice that the festive season is well and truly under-way.  The festive meal has been taken care of with our Festive Take-Away Packages, getting in the festive mood has been sorted with an assortment of  Christmas Carols around town but what about the presents?  Here are some different ideas away from the normal spa, chocolates and socks to surprise your loved ones with. Read more

The Dos and Don’ts

Camping! The word conjures different emotions in people. Some are happy to hear it and can’t wait to head out, others do everything to avoid it. If you are new to living in the UAE, at some point you will be confronted by your family or friends wanting to go out camping. It is for this very first trip that the team at has put together this guide: a beginners (that is you) guide (includes all things you need to bring, do and prepare for) to camping (the great outdoors – sand, beach and mountains!) Read more

Would you know what steps to take if your pet is lost? Most likely you think it won’t happen to you. You’re too careful; he’s too well-behaved.

Visit any animal shelter and you will realize quickly that you are wrong. An open door goes unnoticed, a dog gets frightened by a thunder storm, you’re traveling and your pet is staying with a friend who lets him out. There are so many scenarios and as a result, so many lost pets.

It can happen to you so be prepared, and act fast if your pet goes missing.
Be prepared and take immediate action Read more

Cost_of_Living_in_dubaiDubai and Abu Dhabi have risen in the ranking in ECA’s ‘Cost of Living’ survey
Dubai and Abu Dhabi are continuing to witness increase in cost of living as rents soar, but the emirates still remain quite cheaper for expatriates compared to other global cities, according to a new survey.

ECA International’s latest ‘Cost of Living’ survey places Dubai at 171st position globally, while Abu Dhabi is placed at the 181st position of 440 cities surveyed. In its June survey, Dubai was placed at 174th position.

“The price of items in ECA’s cost of living basket for expatriates has gone up significantly and both Dubai and Abu Dhabi have also risen in the ranking,” the survey states. Read more

Moving Tips 2Make sure you buy and sell all your furniture before having a moving survey.  It is not advisable to go on a shopping spree a few days before the movers arrive and purchase that longed for Omani coffee table or Indian wardrobe.  Moving companies need an accurate volume before quoting and any additional volume sent WILL BE CHARGED FOR! Read more

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