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ask louiseQuestionHi, our landlord sold the flat we are renting but we have not had an official notification.  Should the new landlord be sending us some kind of official notification? What about his registering the DEWA in his name (I see from the DEWA on-line portal that there is a specific “change of landlord” option?) Is there anything else that he needs to do?

Also. our current contract expires in July next year. Our old landlord sent us an official court document asking us to vacate at the end of this contract but it was delivered one full month after our renewal, which means that effectively we are getting only 11 months notice?  Can we contest this through  RERA with the new landlord? Read more

world-bank-reportMost children in Dubai attend private schools because of the huge expatriate population and 15 different national curricula

After just five years, 51% of Dubai’s students are now in good and outstanding schools, compared to 30% percent five years ago

Better schools improve more easily than weaker ones trapped by lack of material or technical 

In the late 2000s, Dubai adopted (and adapted) recommendations made by a flagship report the World Bank had published on education in the Middle East and North Africa. Called the Road Not Traveled (2008), the thrust of the report was that better governance—most notably, accountability measures—could improve educational standards at the city’s growing number of private schools.

Largely because of the city’s diverse expatriate population, the share of students in private education increases at about 7–8 percent a year. The vast majority (88 per cent) are taught in one of about 160 private schools—different curricula including British, American, Pakistani, French and Japanese. More and more Emirati nationals are opting for private education. Read more

ask louiseQuestionWe are a British family currently living in the UK, we have 2 children 3 & 4 and my primary concern before we choose where to live in Dubai is their education. I have being researching the schools and am aware some are not even worth applying to due to waiting lists. We want UK curriculum and are getting very mixed feedback, we have had some school tours and they are all impressive in different ways. We then are being told conflicting information on whether to stick to private or non profit schools. Any advice at all is truly appreciated. Read more

Ministry-of-Labour-emiratisIs your profession listed – can you hold a part-time job with a full-time one legally in UAE?
The UAE allows employees working in the country to have a full-time and a part-time job with different employers at the same time if certain conditions are met. In fact, this has been the case since 2010, when the UAE’s Labour Law introduced provisions that allow an employee to opt for a part-time job along with a full-time one.

Read: UAE employees allowed to work part-time at another job: MoL

This gives the majority of the workforce a lot of flexibility. But one must be aware that this does not apply to everyone who holds a job in the country.

To be on the right side of the law, it’s advisable to check the category under which your profession may fall. Are you allowed to hold a full-time and a part-time job at the same time or not? This is what the law says: Read more

While Halloween is no where near as popular in Dubai as it is in North-America, we still have our fair share of fun parties and events to please the homesick expat!  Trick or treating is getting increasingly popular in Dubai’s expat communities such as The Springs, The Meadows, and Arabian Ranches.  Many parents choose to host Halloween parties at home with their little ones and friends.  The shops are already filling up with Halloween decorations, sweeties and costumes! Are you ready for a freakishly good time? Read more

ask louiseQuestionAny ideas to help my shy daughter (18 year) to meet teens and make friends? At the moment she is attending an English course in the morning but all the students are women 10-20 years older than herself.  We live in Dubai Marina. Read more

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