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© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationGiven the large selection of waters available to us, from tap water to bottled water, it is difficult to decide what type of water to buy for our family.

First thing to do is to find non-fluoridated water. While many people still believe that fluoride helps prevent cavities, there is emerging evidence that this toxic compound can damage our health.

Different Types of Water

Strictly speaking, water is water. The difference however between the various types of tap and bottled waters is the source and the processing that it undergoes before being sold to the consumer. To start, here is a quick overview of the most common types:

Tap Water: municipal water that has been treated, processed and disinfected. In the UAE, it is all desalinated sea water.
Well Water comes from a hole drilled into the ground that taps into an underground water source. A pump then brings it up to the surface.
Natural Spring Water is found underground and flows up from a natural spring and is directly bottled at the source.
Artesian or Spring Water comes from a natural source but the bottling is done off-site and undergoes processing and purification.
Mineral Water can come from either natural spring or artesian water and must contain a minimum level of dissolved solids, including minerals and trace elements.

Read more

ask louiseQuestionI am originally from Taiwan and used to work in Paris. Currently I am resident in Dubai. Can I transfer driver’s license issued by France to local one or do I have to join driving lessons and pass all tests to get it ? Read more

costsDubai can be an expensive city to live in. Yes we may be accustomed to a tax- free lifestyle but living day to day can be a costly affair and can drain your wallet at an alarming rate. Here are some key tips on how to live frugally in Dubai

The metro runs regularly, is air-conditioned and can often be much quicker than sitting in some of Dubai’s notorious traffic jams. If you need a car it probably makes more sense to buy a car rather than lease one. Buying a car, especially a used one, is not very Read more

new-schools-in-dubaiThe thought of moving to a new country, finding  a home, scrambling for school places and making friends can be very daunting for even the most seasoned expat.  If you are moving to Dubai with children Expat Echo Dubai has always recommended you secure school places for your children before handing over a hefty deposit on a home but sometimes this just isn’t possible so the question many families have is where is a good place to live that has a good choice of schools in the area?

In the past few years (and months) billboards have been appearing in many areas of Dubai advertising new schools which are opening up.  This summer will see  new schools in areas such as Motor City, The Villa, Al Barsha, Al Quoz and Nad al Sheba.  This will mean that anyone opting to live in areas such as “New Dubai”  will have a good choice of schools to choose from as long your child is between 3 and 12 years of age.  For older children the choice is still limited.  Even though  many of these new schools are advertising schooling up to Year 13 many will initially be opening up only their primary sections and they will grow the schools year by year as the children move through the years. Read more

day-offThe Federal Authority for Human Resources has confirmed that Sunday, May 25 will be a holiday for the public sector to mark Isra wal Miraj.

The holiday was moved from May 26, because UAE law allows a holiday which falls midweek to be moved to either Sunday or Thursday.

The Ministry of Labour also confirmed that May 25 will be an official paid holiday for the private sector. Ministries and federal government bodies will close.

Work will resume on May 26, according to a circular issued yesterday by Humaid Al Qattami, Minister of Education and chairman of the human Read more

cover-carFor some people, a car is just a tool to get them from A to B, but for most people in the UAE it is much more than just that. It is an extension of their personality, a small taste of the person who is behind the wheel, their pride & joy!

Whatever your car means to you, it is always important to look after it, maintain it and service it when needed. This way she will never let you down when you need her the most. The hot climate and sandy environment of the UAE makes it even more important to take care of your car.

Here are a few key points to consider when storing your vehicle anywhere for an extended period of time: Read more

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