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Moving Tips 2It is very important that you make time to get your contents which you are shipping surveyed.

If the contents are not surveyed and you book for example 15 cubic metres this is what you will be quoted.  However, when the packers come and the volume exceeds this amount you will be charged  extra.  Moving surveyors accurately measure your goods and provide a quotation based on this measurement.

Read more

cgtNon-UK resident homeowners, who have moved abroad will be liable to pay capital gains tax from 2015 on their UK properties.

Capital gains tax will be payable on property value increases

Tax will be up to 28%

You can take action now by becoming your own financial adviser.

UK expats
Homeowners who are non-resident in the UK for tax purposes will be liable for capital gains tax from 2015. Capital gains tax is payable on any property value increase after April 2015. Currently, any British resident pay up to 28% capital gains tax on gains over Read more

eviction-notAll the talk around Dubai is that rents are going through the roof.  However, this is not the case if you are already safely  ensconced in your home and paying the market rate as there is a strict amount that your landlord can increase the rent as calculated by the RERA Index.

My landlord will just evict me and rent it for a much higher rent‘ you may say.  But the answer is they can’t just evict you for no reason.

They can only evict you for the following reasons: Read more

Found Cat in dubaiAnswers To:  Puss puss
Last Seen or Found:  Jumeirah Park B sector
Microchip Number N/A
Municipality Tag Number:  N/A
Collar Color:  None

Pet’s Description:  What looks to be a long haired Persian, white/cream colour, has a tail shaven into a. Shape of a lions tail.  Very friendly and very well trained. Read more

Performing-Arts1There are many talented children in Dubai.  The choice of activities that the Dubai youth take part in within school hours and outside school is quite staggering.  This has led to many children in Dubai wanting to pursue careers which build upon the skills they have learnt from these activities whether it be from the rugby field, swimming pool or drama studio.

Traditionally schools in Dubai only offered post 16 qualifications (A’Level & International Baccalaureate) in the core subjects such as Languages, Humanities and Sciences which resulted in many children having to leave Dubai to pursue Read more

ask louiseQuestionWe will be moving from Belgium  to Dubai in August and were looking for field hockey teams for our girls aged 7 and 12 in Dubai….. So far we didn’t find any club on the web, could you advise us? Read more

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