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ask louiseQuestionHi, I’ve just moved to Dubai and I want to get my mattresses cleaned – can you recommend any companies? Read more

The team at Expat Echo Dubai was having a conversation this morning concerning house and contents insurance, who had it and with which company. Shockingly not one of us had insurance! Taking out a policy had crossed our minds several times since moving to Dubai but somehow we all just kept putting it off. Each of us had experienced being burgled in the past whilst living elsewhere, so we all have first-hand experience of how devastating it is. Why then the neglect now? Read more

Preparation is the key to successful traveling or living abroad. By doing your homework before you leave, you minimize the chances of something going wrong. On Expat Echo Dubai you will find a broad range of information to help you prepare for a safe and enjoyable stay in Dubai. One of the best pieces of advice we like to impart on expats in Dubai, whether you’re planning a short vacation or a long-term stay, is to register your presence with your home country. Read more

Hello, We are moving to Dubai in less than 2 months. Browsing the real estate market I noticed that most houses come unfurnished, which is not a problem. But most kitchens seems to come without the main appliances, is this standard? Can we ask a landlord to provide for this? Thank you Read more

people talkingRelocating to a new city means meeting and making new friends.  If you have children of school age meeting people is slightly easier but many people relocate to Dubai without kids so that expat has to make an extra effort to meet people. A great way to do this is do join a social club!  There are a variety of social clubs in Dubai from hobby clubs, women’s clubs, sports clubs, etc.  This directory will focus on Nationality specific social clubs as well as women’s clubs.  Nothing better for a homesick expat then to make a few new friends from “home”.

Read more

ask louiseQuestionWe have 2 kids under 2 years old and are moving from Singapore (previously lived in Hong Kong).  We have been recommended The Meadows as a good place for us to live for our budget (around 250-300k) but there are 9 and we haven’t a clue the pros and cons of them.

Can you shed some light on the differences between the 9 Meadows and suggest which one might work. I will be working out of the Jumeirah Lake Towers so an easy commute to there would be good but ideally it’s about the facilities and the pool and shops and things like that that matter most to us. Read more

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