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ask louiseQuestionI’m an expat kid myself – grew up mostly in France and Belgium but now living in NZ. Anyway my flight comes through Dubai and it would be lovely to have a look around with my ten year old daughter. Would you recommend Bur Dubai to stay? And is it safe to walk around? I assume so. We’re only staying for a day and I would love to do some local stuff if you have any thoughts on where I can get some spices and local perfume. Read more

ask louiseQuestionMy family and I are moving over to Dubai in June and we are starting to have a look at property options.  Rental prices look pretty expensive so my question is do you think it would be better to buy?  We would be looking to rent or buy a family home with at least 3 bedrooms and a small garden for the children. Read more

I have been living in Dubai for 13 years and currently have a lucrative but high stress job. I want to quit and start my own business of designing ethnic clothing. I was wondering if I can set up an on-line business in Dubai without going through the hassle of getting a license. I have known a lot of people who are selling their stuff through Face book and I was hoping to do something similar. Is it legal to sell my clothes on-line without a license? Read more

jbr-beachDubai always felt like a “holiday place” in certain areas, perhaps having brunch at a hotel on the Palm Jumeirah, or walking by spectators at the aquarium in Dubai Mall, but at it’s newest leisure area, known as North Beach (I think) there is absolutely no doubt you are in HOLIDAY CITY.

The very modern development between the Sheraton Jumeirah Beach and the Hilton JBR is jammed packed with trendy, cube like restaurant structures with gleaming colours and shiny people.

At last a whole stretch of beach front where you can eat, stroll, swim or just take in the sea air. Apparently it’s been open for about a month and on the first Saturday in April was packed with people just hanging out, older ladies having lunch, children running around and muscular bodies showing off at the outdoor gym facility. Were we in Florida somewhere? No, it was JBR-Jumeirah Beach Residence and the whole area has a relaxed, holiday feel about it. The Walk at JBR always felt a bit like a holiday place, but this has been usurped by North Beach. Read more

ask louiseQuestionI’m a British citizen and I recently received a job offer in Dubai, and had a few questions as I’m largely unfamiliar with the country.

I have a 2.8 year old daughter, and given my ludicrous proposed schedule, I will need her to attend a preschool that can accommodate her from around 7:30 AM till around 6:00 PM from Saturdays through Wednesdays/Thursdays (my days off are Thursdays and Fridays, and would therefore like to share those days with my daughter). It’s fine if I had to enroll her at a separate “camp”-like center on Saturdays.

I was wondering if there were good (competitive, academically/emotionally sound) preschool/after-school programs that can accommodate my needs that cost up to AED 36-40,000  per annum?

Also, is Islamic education mandatory. or is it optional for expats? Read more

While living in Dubai, pets do not only need to be kept well trimmed in the summer months but many breeds need to be groomed throughout the year for their health and comfort.

Expat Echo Dubai have put together a Pet Groomer Directory to help you find a groomer near you. Read more

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