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burj-khalifaResidents of the world’s tallest building fear they will have to take to the stairs if their landlords do not pay outstanding service fees.

Burj Khalifa tenants living as high up as the 108th floor could be locked out of elevators and car parks if landlords do not settle the charges by Saturday.

The developer Emaar has also warned that security cards giving access to the building will be deactivated. Services such as air conditioning will also be switched off.

“It’s one thing to do this in a five-storey building. It’s another thing for the tallest building in the world,” said K K, who lives above the 20th floor.

“The two big things for us are the AC and the elevator. You can’t open a window here so it will be like sitting in a box. We can’t walk up and down all those floors so we may have to stay with friends. Read more

fleaWhether you are just having an annual spring clean or are about to move home everyone always has items that they may not need anymore but someone else would love – so why not convert your unwanted items into some cash?

Dubai Flea Market is a second hand market where private individuals with non-commercial intention SELL & BUY everything used, from household items, home appliances, furniture, textile, ceramics, electrical equipment, toys, games, books, DVD’s, clothes, antiques, accessories etc. and handcraft.  They take place at various venues across  town. Read more

missing-dogPet’s Name or Answers To:  Boss
Last Seen or Found (when and where):  Jumeirah Village Triangle
Microchip Number:  956000002643166
Municipality Tag Number:
Collar Color:  colourful

Pet’s Description:  Hello, my German Shepherd dog male (boss) ran out of their gate in Jumeirah Village Triangle district 5 G and he’s been gone since 05.02.2013 and hasn’t returned home. He’s a big softy and a loved family pet,if you see him please contact me! Read more

What’s On | February, 2015 | Dubai, UAE|

There’s never a dull moment in Dubai. One of the best things about living in our fair Emirate is that throughout the year, on any given day, there is always something new or exciting to see and do. Whether it is the official opening of yet another world’s largest for Dubai, an annual festival, a street parade or a market fair there is bound to be something that tickles your fancy.

Here are just some of the things happening in and around Dubai this month… Read more

ask louiseQuestionMy residency visa and also my daughters residency visa is expiring this month.  Does my daughter need to come with me when I renew the visa and do the blood test?  My husband is our sponsor. Read more

If you have recently relocated to Dubai you will soon realize holiday planning is a full time occupation for some residents.

From Dubai the choice of destinations seems endless so for the spring break the team at Expat Echo Dubai have come up with a few ideas to help you choose that ideal holiday destination. Read more

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