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This subject always creates a lot of emotive conversation when brought up amongst expat parents. Since the creation of the Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA) the teaching of Arabic in foreign private schools has become a huge focus and the amount of hours the children get taught Arabic has increased. The KHDA state that any private school that has non-Arab students shall teach four Arabic Language classes per week for all grades through to Year 9 (age 13-14). The private schools are allowed to use their own language books after obtaining approval from the Authority. Read more

ask louiseQuestionHello Louise, just moved here with the family.  We have joined Dubai exiles rugby club for my son who is 8, also as they have a netball team for my 7 yr old daughter.  We need a football team for my son who is used to playing in a league, all I can find is coaching. Read more

ask louiseQuestionWe lived for 2 years in Ras Al Khaimah  and now return after 2 years in Europe. We have another sponsor so I wonder if our driving licences are still valid?  Is that related to sponsor/company you work for or not ? Read more

Our daughter was diagnosed as a strong possible Celiac (Coeliac) in the beginning of April. Going gluten free is not an easy thing, no matter where you are in the world. For us here in Dubai it was a bit harder due to the way the health system works. If you are not with a good doctor you may find yourself – like us – without being given vital information. We were simply just given our diagnosis and sent on our merry way. I say we, because even though it’s our daughter who is the Celiac, as she is just two it’s really not up to her to deal with any of it. We had to take it on as a family! As a stay-at-home-mum, it has been mainly me doing the research, the shopping and the searching etc. Our lives have changed 100% since the diagnosis, and yet I can’t even remember what it was like before. Being gluten free has become a way of life. Read more

ask louiseQuestionMy name is Mahesh and i am likely to be considered for the post in Dubai. I may join them in December 2014.   As I understand schools starts in September, can we have admissions for schools in December?  My children are studying British curriculum ( form 7) and another is in class 2 in Ghana international school, Ghana .  We need British curriculum in Dubai. Can you please guide us on this? Read more

dubai-little-league-logoDubai Little League has over 450 players ages 4-17 playing baseball and softball in Dubai.

Registrations are now open and the cost is AED 1000/player until September 20th after which the cost will increase to AED1200/player until registration closes on Thursday the 9th of October.  Offline registration will be available at the Dubai Little League Fields on Wednesday September 10th between 5pm and 7pm and on Saturday September 13th between 2pm and 4pm. Cash payment required.

It is advisable to register as soon as possible as some divisions are already filling up. Read more

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