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ask louiseQuestionHi reaching out to all Canadians and Permanent residents of Canada in the UAE? Does anyone know of a good Canadian tax consultant/ lawyer firm based in Dubai/ UAE?  Thanks will appreciate some pointers in the right direction. Read more

Rising-RentDubai is a proud city these days having recently won the bid for Expo 2020.  We all enjoyed the celebrations and the kids the day off school!  But as the celebrations settle  many of us are now a bit concerned that with all the hype rents are going to rocket.  After all, it has been reported in the media that the event will create over 277,000 jobs so that’s a lot of people moving into our city.

However, if you are already ensconced and  happy in your home in Dubai you will be pleased to learn that your landlord won’t be turning up with a new rental contract doubling your rent.  In recent years the government has put in certain laws to protect the tenant from the ‘greedy landlord’  demanding ridiculous rents.  The law (Decree No 2 of 2011) states categorically that the landlord can only increase rents by a minimum of five per cent to a maximum of 20 per cent if the existing rent is below the average market rate stated in RERA’s geographic rent index. Read more

What is the policy regarding working on public holidays (Local UAE holidays and other times such as Xmas, etc)? Read more

ask louiseQuestionMy wife and kids will be joining me next year in Dubai moving over from Houston in the States.  Please can you let me know which schools in Dubai follow the American curriculum as I need to register my two children.  They are at High School. Read more

Enter any hotel lobby or mall in Dubai and it is hard not to notice that the festive season is well and truly under-way.  The festive meal has been taken care of with our Festive Take-Away Packages, getting in the festive mood has been sorted with an assortment of  Christmas Carols around town but what about the presents?  Here are some different ideas away from the normal spa, chocolates and socks to surprise your loved ones with. Read more

The Dos and Don’ts

Camping! The word conjures different emotions in people. Some are happy to hear it and can’t wait to head out, others do everything to avoid it. If you are new to living in the UAE, at some point you will be confronted by your family or friends wanting to go out camping. It is for this very first trip that the team at has put together this guide: a beginners (that is you) guide (includes all things you need to bring, do and prepare for) to camping (the great outdoors – sand, beach and mountains!) Read more

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