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Living in United Arab Emirates

woman-moving-abroadIn the days before a move abroad, it’s likely that your house will be a mass of boxes; you’ll be busy trying to arrange last minute details and saying goodbye to friends and family. You’ll feel excited but also a bit nervous – perhaps you’ll even question whether you’re making the right decision.

It is absolutely normal to feel a bit odd before moving to a new country and having second thoughts definitely is not unusual – especially when you’re swapping continents. The good news is that you’re not alone! Many people who are already living abroad will have experienced the ‘expat blues’ at some point. The language, religion and culture will be all new and may feel strange, not to mention the food and the smells on the streets. Read more

Fadi Malas, CEO at Just FalafelCEO shares his world at The Impact Hub Dubai!

The Impact Hub and Pi Slice are delighted to welcome Fadi Malas, CEO of Just Falafel, one of the world’s fastest growing F&B brands & recently ranked the #1 SME in Dubai who will share his experiences with UAE entrepreneurs at a free event taking place at the Impact Hub in Downtown Dubai on Monday.

An MBA from Imperial College London, Fadi is an experienced business leader and possesses vast cross-sector experience in banking, asset management, financial engineering, retail and F&B, with a strong focus on expansion and development plans. Read more

missing-dogPet’s Name or Answers To:  Paris
Last Seen or Found:  Mirdif, street 77, villa 14c
Microchip Number:  900160000002750
Municipality Tag Number:  N/A
Collar Color:  Baby plus with pink crystals with aa tag that has her name on it and crystals

Pet’s Description:
Very smart 3 years old female Yorkshire terrier, she can be aggressive sometimes around strangers. Read more

98890DOG_FRIENDLY_Finding ‘Dog Friendly’ places in the UAE can be tricky! But we asked around, called a few people and even visited some places that we believe to be ‘Dog friendly’. Read more

local-organic-veg-my-custard-pie-1Smelling the delicious aroma of a freshly picked green pepper, sampling a plum tomato that only a few hours ago was on the vine, swapping food tips with other shoppers (what do you do with kohlrabi?), tasting yet another spoonful of amazing raw honey from Yemen, sitting on a rustic bench eating a homemade chicken sausage and egg roll washed down with freshly pressed pomegranate juice, swapping foodie gossip under the palms trees….

My favourite start to the weekend, every single Friday, is the Farmers’ Market on the Terrace next to Emirates Towers where I do my weekly shop for organic, local veg direct from the farmers and much more besides. But you knew that didn’t you. The hotter weather is creeping up, the market has ended for the season and I’m dreading being catapulted back into the dispiriting aisles of the supermarkets contemplating limp, tasteless veg, picked weeks ago and flown in from miles away. But luckily there are some alternatives which may keep us going until the most fallow months; tomatoes and potatoes plus free range eggs from local farms are available in abundance right now which is why I have indexed them for the price comparison. Here’s my view about what’s available… Read more

Light_House_Arabia_020120134339Centrally located on Jumeirah Beach Road in Umm Suqeim 2, The LightHouse Arabia is home to a multidisciplinary team of Western-trained expert psychologists and psychiatrists whose mission is to provide the highest quality mental health services to the people in the UAE.

Licensed as a polyclinic with the Dubai Health Authority, The LightHouse Arabia provides an array of mental health services to support you and your family throughout your time in Dubai. These services include psychiatry, individual therapy, couples therapy, play therapy for children ages 5+ in a specialized play therapy room, neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessments, corporate workshops and trainings, and bereavement support. Read more

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