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Ask Louise | Moving to Dubai with a Dog

ask louiseQuestionHi Louise, there is a really strong possibility that my husband and I will be moving to Dubai later in the year, however we have a 2 year old Golden Retriever and our main concerns are how he will cope with the heat and what opportunities there are for his exercise.

Any information you can provide on how dogs thrive happily, and best places to live that would provide some outdoor walking area would be extremely helpful.

AnswerMany people have dogs in Dubai however, there is no getting away from it that from this time of year until November it is very hot for dogs (and humans!) so all walks will need to be done early morning and in the evening.  Dogs should be kept on the lead at all times unless you want to go into the desert. Here is a link to the best places to live in Dubai with dogs.  Here are some great tips to keeping your dog cool in the heat.   It is worth bearing in mind that many expats leave for the summer (July and August) so you may need to consider putting your dogs in kennels for these months if you do not have full time help in the house.

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