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Expats Prefer Christmas with their Pets than In-Laws…

A survey about pets at Christmas has revealed that 79% of expats would rather spend Christmas with their pets as opposed to their in-laws. Pet sitting website surveyed its members to find out how well we treat our pets at Christmas time and found some surprising results.

Although this study suggests that a lot of expats really despise their in-laws the other side of the coin is that expats really love their pets.

72% of expats who took part in the study revealed that they would be buying a Christmas present for their pets and almost half of those surveyed (43%) said that they would be cooking a special Christmas dinner for their pets. Typical spend on presents put it above the cost of the average stocking filler with 82% spending up to GBP15 on their pet’s Christmas presents, while almost 8% will spend over 50GBP.

The good news for the pets – and for the economy – is that pets can expect presents of a similar quality to previous years as 83% of those who took part in the study said that they weren’t going to let the current economic situation influence on how much they spend on their pets.

Trusted Housesitters owner Andy Peck commented on the study saying: “A large proportion of the pet sitting assignments that are posted on come from expats so we’ve always known about the close relationship expats have with their pets. It’s good to see that the financial crisis isn’t going to affect Christmas for pets this year and that they can expect as good, if not a better, Christmas than the rest of us.

Article Courtesy of Trusted Housesitters
Trusted Housesitters is the world’s leading house and pet sitting website, connecting pet owners throughout the world with its network of reliable and trustworthy house and pet sitters.

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