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Found Cat in Al Badaa

Update: This kitten has now found a loving, forever home

Pet’s Name: Unknown
Found: Al Baada, Street 22/24 (near Al Wasl Park),
on Monday 2nd January, 2012
Microchip Number: None
Municipality Tag Number: None
Collar Color: None

Pet’s Description:
Small, white, female kitten, approximately 5 – 6 months old. Semi long-haired Persian Cross (possible Chinchilla mix). One blue eye, one yellow/green eye. Very friendly nature. She was very underweight and in a bad state but I have had her for nearly two weeks now and she has put on weight and doing well. I have had her spayed and treated her ears for mites.

If you would like to provide this kitten with a loving, forever home please contact Debbie on or +971 50 396 9199).

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