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Found Cat in Al Badaa

Pet’s Name: Unknown
Found: Al Badaa (near Satwa) 22C street
Microchip Number: none
Municipality Tag Number: none
Collar Color: none

Silver Grey persian. Approx 1 yr or a bit older. Nice disposition, very thin so has been out for a bit. Will be put up for adoption is his home is not found by Friday.

We are happy to announce that the lovely cat has been rehomed thanks to our readers!


If you’ve lost your beloved pet or have found a missing pet, please complete the following form and we will gladly feature it in our Lost & Found section.

We will also share the link on our facebook fan page and with our twitter followers.


One Response to “Found Cat in Al Badaa”

  1. Debbie says:

    Hi there,
    I wonder if this is the mother of the kitten I found between street 22 and 24 just up from Al Wasl Park – its Persian cross (I thought Chinchilla – as this adult female is). Had she had a litter yet?
    This kitten is 5 months approx, one blue eye, one yellow eye and was very underweight.

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