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Is Your Pet Registered?

After bringing your pets to Dubai, it is wise to take your pets to The Veterinary Services Section at the Public Health Department of Dubai Municipality for registration for identification.

Identification is crucial in being able to identify any lost and found pet. Apart from having your pet micro-chipped, have an engraved tagĀ on their collar and have them registered at Dubai Municipality (DM). DM has a mandatory directive that all cats and dogs must be registered with them and has what is called a Municipality Tag. This plastic neck tag is renewable every year each time your pet is vaccinated.

If your pet was to get lost and then found, the tag has a unique number on it that will relate to your contact information held at the Veterinary Services Section of DM. Therefore, the tag needs to be kept on your pet’s collar at all times.

If your pet should disappear, contacting the Municipality immediately on 04-289 1114 to see if there were trapping in your area and take a visit to their premises can be the first step.

When you go to the Municipality for registration, make sure you have:

  • Your pet
  • pet’s up-to-date vaccination records
  • Your full address with contact information

Alternatively, registration can be done at many veterinary clinics all over Dubai. The procedure remains the same, but prices vary from 10 AED for Registration and Neck tag at the Municipality to 75 AED in private clinics across Dubai.

Dubai Municipality is located next to Musrif Park (Airport road). They additionally treat, microchip and vaccinate pets including vaccination against rabies.

Do not forget pets without a tag will be treated as a stray!

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