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Middle East Travel Companions for Rescued Dogs

Jessy-and-RudiAre you someone who travels for business? Perhaps you head home for the hot summer months? Either way, we need your help.

We are a small group of volunteers who work to rescue Salukis in the UAE. Salukis are the traditional companion to the Bedouin, bred for hunting and large spaces. Intelligent and gentle dogs they make great pets. However there are not enough homes for the strays we rescue within the UAE, and so we also search for permanent places for them overseas. Our dogs end up in loving homes in North America, Europe and Scandinavia predominantly. And whilst finding homes is part of the battle it is not really the part we struggle most with. Our challenge is transporting these lovely dogs to their final destinations. The airlines don’t allow us to send them as unaccompanied cargo, they require that the dogs fly with a human companion (as accompanied baggage). This means we have to wait until someone volunteers to let one of these rescues travel with them.

So you may be thinking that you would like to help, but it sounds like a lot of hassle. For you as the travelling-companion volunteer there is really very little effort required. Once you share your itinerary and booking reference with us we will organise the animal passport, sky-kennel and all the paperwork. We will then liaise with the airline* on your behalf, or ask you to do this for us (depending on the carrier), to add the animal onto your booking. Once the booking has been confirmed we pay ALL the costs associated with the dog’s travel.

We arrange a person to take the animal to the airport, meet you and do the check-in with you. Once you arrive at the destination airport we have someone meet you there to pick up the animal.

And that is all you have to do to make this wonderful new beginning a reality for the rescue dog concerned.

Jessy (pictured) was rescued from the pound. Thanks to a kind gent travelling to Frankfurt on business she is now living the dream with her new doggy siblings, several horses and a loving human family.

Kindly contact Nin Saluki Rescue via email on or via our Facebook group. We encourage you to share this with anyone you feel may be willing to assist us. Right now we are looking for a flight from Abu Dhabi to Belgium. On behalf of the dogs waiting for their chance to fly home we thank you for your attention. “Saving the life of one animal may not change the world, but the world will surely change for that one animal”

* due to costs we prefer KLM / Air France / Lufthansa flights from the UAE or Qatar Airways from Doha
** please do give us at least a week to 10 days’ notice as the paperwork can take a few days to arrange

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  1. Shamma says:

    I am a saluki lover.. I have few of them male and females who lives with me.. I would love to have one more if u have one..thanks

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