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Monday Moving Tips

Moving Tips 2Check your dog & cats Rabies vaccinations are kept up to date to avoid delays.

In the UAE dogs and cats should be vaccinated against Rabies every year. Rabies vaccinations should not have any gap when given for example a dog vaccinated on the 12th of March 2013 must be re-vaccinated on or before the 11th March 2014 and not 13th March 2014.  If the rabies vaccination has already expired and you intend to  travel the vaccine will have to be administered and the pet will have to wait 21 days before it can leave the country.

Before travelling some countries (eg Singapore & Australia) will require dogs and cats to get a blood serum test done to ensure the pet has rabies antibodies in their system –  the test should state the following:   ‘A test titre of .05 iu/ml or above indicates that the dog or cat has an acceptable rabies antibody level’

For more information on Rabies click here

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