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Pet Quarantine in Dubai?

Pet quarantine regulations are specific to each country worldwide, and pet owners need to familiarize themselves with these rules before traveling to avoid quarantine in countries that require it. Planning in advance is key to avoiding problems when entering a country with a pet. Being familiar with pet immigration rules will help make traveling with a pet more enjoyable and hassle free.

Pet imports to Dubai
Pets coming to Dubai are not subject to quarantine as long as all required paperwork is in order. In case of inadequate paperwork, it is possible the animal will be kept at the cargo terminal until required tests are administered or sent back to origin country. In both cases, pet owners will be liable to cover the resulting expenses.

Pet exports from Dubai
Planning for a pet export from Dubai should be done well in advance. For some countries, the preparation process takes weeks, sometimes months. An important measure is to always get the pet micro-chipped and have an up-to-date vaccination records. Rabies blood test, FAVN (Fluorescent Antibody Virus Neutralization for Rabies) is also required for certain destinations.

Here are the rabies blood test and quarantine regulations for a number of destinations;

  • United Kingdom
    • Rabies blood test: 6 calendar months should pass from the date that a vet took the blood sample which gave a satisfactory test result.
    • Quarantine requirements: No quarantine if 6 months stay completed. Animals not meeting the rules must be licensed into quarantine.
  • Australia
    • Rabies blood test: 150 days should pass from the date that a vet took the blood sample which gave a satisfactory test result to be eligible for the minimum quarantine period – 30 days. A total of 180 days must elapse from the date that the blood is sampled for the RNAT test (with a satisfactory result) before the animal can be released from quarantine in Australia.
    • Quarantine requirements: 30 days to 120 days.
  • South-Africa
    • Rabies blood test: No blood test required.
    • Quarantine requirements: Dogs – quarantined for maximum of 14 days. No quarantine is required for cats.
  • USA
    • Rabies blood test: Not required
    • Quarantine requirements: Not required
  • Japan
    • Rabies blood test: 180 days to 2 years must elapse from the date of sampling to minimum quarantine period in Japan (12 hours or less).
    • Quarantine requirements: Few hours to 6 months.

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