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Pet Transportation Price Increases

Dog-in-a-BoxThe cost of transporting your pets to and from the UAE is set to rise due to the increase of the following Government charges.

There is also a new “PENALTY” charge for incorrect paperwork for any import of a pet or animal.  If ANY of the documentation or the microchip etc are incorrect there is an immediate on the spot fine of AED 6,000.



Import permits – Now AED 510 (was AED 210) Cats, Dogs and Other Small/Medium non-CITES Mammalian Pets (excl. group 3)

Vet inspection per dog – AED 1003  (was AED 203 for both cats and dogs) cats now – AED 503 (For other pets it is AED 103 per pet – e.g. rabbits, hedgehogs, hamsters etc | Horses AED 1,500 per vet inspection – before there was no charge for horses)

Export International Health Cert – AED now 403  (was AED 103)

CITES import permit now AED 510  (was AED 210)

Attestations or notarizations from the Government – AED 403 (was AED 203)

Admin Fees – AED 3 & AED 10



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