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Pet Transportation to and from the UAE

The nitty gritties of importing or exporting your pet

Moving to a new country with your pet can be a hassle if you are not familiar with the complex rules and regulations governing the transportation of animals. It is highly recommended that you use a professional pet transportation company to avoid the many problems that can arise if transit is not handled properly. At Move One, we provide top-notch pet transportation services and advise clients in our many locations on the requirements needed to import or export their beloved pet. To make your relocation as hassle-free as possible, Move One has profiled the UAE, providing an in-depth look at Pet Transportation regulations, which could pose problems for expats.

Before deciding to move your pet to the UAE, there are a few factors you may want to consider. According to UAE pet import regulations, all pets entering the UAE must obtain an import permit issued by the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water (MOEW). This document is valid only for 30 days, during which the pet should be brought into the UAE. In line with federal UAE law, all pets must arrive as a manifest cargo shipment. Rabies vaccinations must be a minimum of 21 days old at the time of applying for an import permit, but less that one year old, and all pets must be micro-chipped. It is important to note that cats or dogs under four months of age are not allowed entry into the UAE.

Import of Pets

The following documents are required to import a pet to the UAE:
A copy of the owner’s passport and valid UAE residence visa
Pet’s original vaccination book, which must contain the microchip number
Pet’s original health certificate from country of origin, accredited by a government vet
A Rabies Neutralization Titer Test (RNATT) result if the pet originates from a country other than these
A copy of the import permit (Move One will apply for and arrange this on behalf of the owner)

In the UAE, there are certain breeds of dogs that are not allowed entry. These are:
All kinds of Pit Bull
Japanese Tosa (Tosa Inu, Tosa Fighting Dog)
Dogo Argentino, Argentinean Mastiff
Fila Brasileino, Brazilian Mastiff
Crossbreeds with any extracts of the above listed breeds
Wolf hybrid dog or a crossbreed between a dog and wolf
American Staffordshire Terrier

Export of Pets

When exporting a pet from the UAE, a final check up will be performed to confirm the weight of the pet and ensure that the dimension of the kennel meet airline requirements. This process usually takes about an hour. It is recommended to have your pet at the cargo terminal, at least six hours prior to your flight. To ensure the safety and comfort of your pet, Move One recommends the following:
Allow your pet to get accustomed to the kennel well before it travels
Do not give your pet anything to eat within six hours of departure to avoid it getting airsick
Any kind of sedative or medicine induced prior to the flight is not recommended
Make sure that your pet goes to the toilet before it travels
Make arrangements to provide feeding instructions to the pet transportation company

The exact documents required for the exportation of pets largely depends upon the country of destination and can vary significantly from country to country. For country specific information please contact a Move One Pet Transportation specialist.

The following are the standard documents required to export a pet from the UAE:
A copy of the owner’s passport and valid UAE residence visa
Pet’s vaccination book
Pet’s health certificate from MOEW (Move One will apply for and arrange this on behalf of the owner)

If you would like to book your pet’s specific relocation with Move One, or for further information about our general pet relocation services, please contact us at One of our dedicated animal relocation agents will follow up with you shortly with a quote tailor-made to your needs.

12 Responses to “Pet Transportation to and from the UAE”

  1. Martin Zugec says:


    Thanks for the interesting article – we are actually trying to import our 3 dogs.

    One piece of information I’m not able to find anywhere though is the validity of RNATT tests – some local agency told us it’s valid only for 21 days (which I don’t think is true), our domestic vet told us it’s valid for a lifetime, if the dog gets regular vaccinations and that it should be valid at least till the vaccination lasts (which makes more sense).

    Any idea?

    Thanks a lot,

  2. Martin Zugec says:

    That’s great news, thanks a lot for your help!

  3. Islandpet says:

    Thanks for your great and informative post about relocating a pet. Thanks friend 🙂

  4. Isidoro Ferreras says:

    I just want to ask information regarging importation of pet from UAE to Philippines?

  5. Kea says:

    Dogs don’t need passports to enter UAE? I have a Dog, his breed is lhasa apso. He’s in the philippines right now and i want to bring him here. All i have with me now is his birth certificate and his vaccination book is with him..

  6. Angie says:

    Hi Louise – great post! It’s always refreshing to know that there is help out there for specific country guides! I am feeling extremely nervous for my move to Dubai – but this site has made me feel much better. Still not too sure whether I will be bringing my dog 🙁 , the space, time and working hours just won’t fit together for my new career in the UAE. thanks!!

  7. Dawn says:

    I have just moved to Dubai and desperately wanting m dog over from the UK, he is a wee Jack Russell and 91/2 years old, our own vet said oh I think it might be too hot for him even though he does love the sun, I just think he would go out in the balcony for a while then come in to chill out. Just need to find out costs of flying him here from Scotland and the full process. He’s had his boosters all up to date and is away to get microhipped. So any further advice would be appreciated. Dawn

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