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Importing Your Pets into the UAE

Pets are allowed in the UAE. However, as you are making the decision to transport your pet please consider the summer temperatures in Dubai, as they are often too high for pets to spend much time outdoors. Pets must be shipped to the UAE as cargo which can be expensive.

Click here for full requirements A certificate must be issued by your veterinarian on letterhead paper mentioning the name, age, breed, hair color and sex of your pet.

It should also include the dates of all vaccinations and show a valid rabies vaccination. The only vaccination which is required in order to obtain an import permit is rabies however, kennels may require additional vaccinations before they will board your pets.

Ensure that the certificate clearly states that the pet is rabies-free and in a healthy condition to travel.

The certificate must be signed and stamped by your veterinarian and then endorsed by the veterinarian of the national government of the exporting country.

Please contact our pet transportation specialist at for more information.

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