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Professional Home Pet Vacation Care

A respected industry in the UK, Australia, the United States and some parts of Europe home pet vacation care (or commonly known as pet sitting) is now a recognised and highly sought after service when it comes to pet care whilst an owner is away from home.

The proven benefits of a pet staying at home and being looked after in their own environment is not only less of a worry for the owner but also less stressful for a pet. All creatures be it humans, cats or dogs suffer less anxiety and stress when they are on familiar ground or in an animal’s world, territory. Having familiar scents, sounds and items around them is a better option than being placed in an unknown territory. Also staying at home means that a pet’s routines are not disturbed, from that special cat cushion under a dining room window or a dog who likes to snuggle on a bed in the kids’ bedroom. These are all feel-good factors in helping a pet feel secure and comfortable whilst their owner is away.

Home Pet Care can also help alleviate excessive stress associated with separation anxiety, be it the pet OR the owner. A pet is less likely to suffer if staying at home than in a strange place, the stress of moving a pet to a facility is avoided and also the worry by the owner who in turn sometimes makes the pet all the more anxious unwittingly.

The likelihood of your pet becoming ill are reduced whilst staying at home, air borne diseases like Kennel Cough are minimalised as a dog does not come into contact with other dogs as much and are not subject to the higher risks associated therein. Although dogs at home do not mix with other dogs, pet sitting allows the pet carer to take a dog for a walk in familiar territory, meet known dogs in the neighbourhood if the owner agrees, this ensures exercise (the walk) or lots of play to be done at least twice a day to stimulate the dog.

Home Pet Care is sometimes not suitable for a dog if they are known to be chewers and being left to demolish a home whilst Mum and Dad are away. Going to a kennel would be a more suitable option. Also if a dog barks a lot you would need to consider your neighbours and again taking your dog to a kennel where barking would probably be tolerated would be a better option.

Home Pet Care is also a very flexible service provided by a company whose pet carers have either had pets of their own or are already in the pet world, be it working with animal shelters, working at veterinary clinics and so on. Their keen eye for checking on the health and wellbeing of a pet is important and knowing if a pet’s behaviour has changed is also important. Bonding is also a major part in home pet care, the same person visits the pet and hence the pet and carer get to know and trust each other.

Homely Petz in Dubai is a licenced home pet care company offering the services above and more. As well as regular pet sitting services it also includes puppy sitting (longer visits for those playful pups) and night sitting too. Do be aware of illegal entities providing similar services who are not experienced, have the correct support in place and trading without a licence. You put your pet and home at risk by doing so.

Pet vacation care in Dubai during the peak periods ie. the Summer, Eid and Christmas times are limited and pre-planning for these times is essential to ensure you have your pet care covered. We strongly recommend you book your pet sitter well in advance.

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  1. Belinda says:

    I need a person to take our 14 year old dog for 2 -3 walks on th e25th December 2014.

    Can you assist?


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