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Protect Your Pet with Pet Insurance

pet-secure-insuranceJo French will never forget the distraught call from her daughter, Lydia, after her beautiful Collie-Spaniel cross Hiro was diagnosed with cancer.

“My daughter had been worried about Hiro as he was passing blood. She took him to the vet immediately and after an ultrasound they found a tumour and he was diagnosed with stomach cancer.”

Looking back, Jo admits that the next few days were a blur for the whole family: Hiro was in such a state – it was touch and go whether they could save him. “We’ve had him since he was just 12 weeks old. He really is part of the family.”

The vets operated to remove the tumour and followed up with a course of canine chemotherapy, both of which were successful. Two years on and Hiro is now leading a healthy and active life.

“On reflection, it was such a difficult time. We were also worried about the cost but the insurance company were lovely to deal with – and so helpful, as were the vets. It was a great relief, I can tell you.’

Owning a pet can be exciting and fulfilling, but just like with humans things can go wrong. If your dog or cat does get sick or into trouble, you don’t want to be thinking about how you’re going to afford the vet bills – you just want your pet to be ok.

Pet insurance helps you feel better knowing your pet receives the health care they deserve without compromise so you can afford trips to the vet or emergency assistance when you need them most. A visit to the vet could set you back anywhere from around AED900 for an ear infection, to AED 8,000 for cataracts, up to even AED 50,000 for multiple fractures*.

*Figures taken from a sample of pet insurance claims reported for various conditions in the UAE in 2012. Figures include the cost of medicines, vet fees and other associated expenses.

Pet insurance provides money back for things like:

  • Vet consultations
  • Prescription medicines and drugs
  • Radiology
  • Hospitalisation
  • Surgery
  • Advertising and rewards in the event of loss
  • Death due to accident or illness
  • Third party liability
  • Euthanasia.

Please note annual limits, some waiting periods and other conditions apply.

Peace of mind with PetSecure
PetSecure is the leading provider of pet insurance in the UAE. At PetSecure, we take every step to ensure that all of our customers and their pets receive the highest quality care. For a pet insurance quotation for your dog or puppy, cat or kitten please contact PetSecure.


This information has been brought to you by Holborn Assets Limited, a British run financial services company that has been providing insurance and wealth management services in the region since 1999.holborn-assets

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