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Summer Flight Restrictions for Pets

See which airlines have placed bans and on which breeds

Flying pets in the summer months, and especially in extreme hot conditions, can be challenging. In such weather conditions, snub-nosed breeds of cats and dogs experience breathing difficulties, increased travel stress and are susceptible to heat stroke. Therefore, many airlines impose restrictions for transporting certain breeds during high temperature months.

Due to weather conditions, Cathay Pacific is the latest airline to announce a ban on transporting brachycephalic breeds, effective from 25 July, 2011. Breeds that will not be allowed to fly are: pugs, bulldogs and boxers, as well as Himalayan, Persian and exotic short-hair cats.

American airlines imposed a similar ban for snub-nosed dogs and cats for the time frame of 30 June to 1 September. Some other airlines, such as Delta, United and Continental also have restrictions when it comes to the transportation of pets.

Singapore airlines issued a complete ban not only on pure bred snub-nosed dogs, but their cross breeds as well. Air Canada banned all live shipments to the United States, with the exception of shipments to SFO (San Francisco) and LAX (Los Angeles), while Lufthansa banned pet shipments from ORD (Chicago) to DUS, FRA and MUC (Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich in Germany) until 26 July.

Some airlines, such as Dragonair and British Airways, still allow pets to be carried as cargo, but it is only a matter of time before they will impose some restrictions.

As a general rule, airlines will not accept pets in cargo if the temperature at the arrival or departure airport is forecast to be over 29 °C (84 F) or below 7 °C (45 F), unless you have a veterinarian certificate of low temperature acclimation. Additionally, if the temperature is forecast to drop under minus 6.6 °C (20 F), pets will not be accepted in cargo at all.

As pet transportation experts, Move One recommends owners of snub-nosed breeds to take precautionary measures, such as traveling with a large, well ventilated crate and supplying their pet with plenty of water during and after the travel.

For more on summer restrictions in pet transportation, you may refer to our previous announcements: Flight restrictions for pets and Delta program for pet transport in summer.

Watch this ‘Before and After the Flight’ video for further tips on flying Your pets:

Move One’s Pet Transportation department specializes in the transportation of household pets, working dogs and exotic animals. If you would like advice about internationally relocating your pet safely, sanely and legally or just for further information about our general pet relocation services, please contact us at One of our dedicated animal relocation agents will get back to you shortly with information, advice and a quote tailor-made to your needs.

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