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Summer “Stopz” in Dubai

Calling all dogs,
Has your family left and gone for the summer?
Is Dad and you the only ones left behind?
Is Dad at work all day and needs a bit of help to look after you during the day?
Well, help is at hand…

Homely Petz Summer Stopz programme is just for you.

During the summer months it can be difficult if the majority of your family are away leaving one person at home with you. They still have to go to work but there is no one to check on the welfare of you and let you out for the toilet and have a little bit of companionship to break your day up.

Summer Stopz by Homely Petz are 15 minute visits where a regular Pet Carer visits every day (weekdays only). They visit your dog to let them out to go to the toilet in either the garden or a very short walk (if in an apartment). The rest of the time is spent inside playing, cuddling, watching TV together – either way your dog gets the benefit of a toilet break and companionship.

Need to know more – click here for the enquiry form with more details.


Registration consultation required
Sunday to Thursdays only
Available 1st July to 31st August only.
Client must be home at the end of each day
Monthly payments in advance

Article courtesy of Homely Petz

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