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Move One Inc Your Beloved Pet

Personally, I have to say moving our dog from the UK to Australia after our relocation was one of the most stressful, emotional and time consuming things we have ever had to do. Other than move ourselves that is! Would we go it alone again? No!

The time difference between Australia and UK not only added to the stress but also resulted in sleep deprivation. Many strange midnight phone calls to a Vet who had not a clue of the process. Trying to gather all the government information ourselves , again not easy. Trying to explain to a rural vet what had to be done was quite difficult to say the least. Timed Veterinary examinations and vaccinations were hard to organize and pay for. Making sure all the documentation was in place and on time was an administration nightmare. Moving a Pet after your relocation is not unusual especially when you consider you may be in temporary accommodation for a while. When we recently relocated the same dog from Australia to Dubai it was no easier. A monumental failure in communication between us and the kennels our beloved dog, ended up with her arriving early without our knowledge (and no the Kennel concerned has never answered their phone to us since!). This meant that by the time we got to her she had been in her cage 30 hours! Very cruel. Never again!

By all means move your pet but do consider a Pet Relocation Company. Save yourself a little bit of stress and a complete nervous breakdown and ensure your pet is absolutely 100% cared for, safe and loved. One of the best piece of advice I can give you is to ensure your pet is in the best of health and get him/her used to a similar sized cage. Leaving the cage door open with favorite blanket, toys and treats in can and will help the pet get used to the space and size. Also I would recommend a few days here and there at a kennels if your pet is not used to being away from you. All this can result in a less stressed pet when the time comes. Take advice from the experts and make sure you understand the Quarantine laws in the country you are relocating your pet to. Most Specialist Relocation Companies offer this comprehensive service. Move One Inc offer a full pet relocation service to and from Dubai and around the World.

P.S.  Move One Inc are always looking for pet lovers that want to join their Pet Relocation Team. Email your CV to

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