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The Garden Cat Project

catching-stray-catsThe Garden Cat Project is a TNR (Trap, Neutering and Release) service provided by Friends of Animals Dubai, ideally for cats living around your house, garden, building’s entrance, nearby your parks, supermarkets, cafeterias etc. They provide full facilities for trapping, transporting and helping “YOU” helping those “CATS”.

Why do they do this?
The estimated stray cat population in UAE is approximately 250.000 the situation is so overwhelming that will require authorities, community members and private sector to bring the issue to a manageable figure by alternative HUMANE practices only.

Community members are all exhausted finding injured cats and kittens on the road; many are injured by cars, by territorial fights, sicknesses and other precarious living conditions. This has indeed a devastating impact on many of us and needless to mention promotes a negative message on the kind of city we all are living in. We do blindly believe that we can ALL make a difference.

How do they do it?
After logging your details’ information, they will schedule a trapping time. The trapped cat will be taken directly to the vet clinics they normally use for sterilization. After 24h post-surgery recovery (if) the cat is fine will be released back to the area where she/he was taken from.

How much does it cost and who will be paying for that?
A female spaying will cost AED175, a pregnant female AED250 and a male castration AED130 (on each cat we add AED50 so they cover the driver salary, the petrol cost and any other related expenses to allow us to continue).


This service is a nonprofit making community service. The stray cats situation could only be alleviated with the “community” collaboration: so the community is asked to cover the cost.

Share this project in your neighborhood, you will be amazed how many good people are out there willing to help but have no idea how.  Just imagine that 6 cats can produce hundreds of kittens per year; when that happens and becomes a nightmare, municipality will be called leaving them with no alternative other than killing them… That story will never end, and new cats will come again sooner or later.  Just over AED1000 could prevent that situation in the long run. Certainly, will stop the breeding spot, will reduce the territorial fighting between them, the food sources will be better for just a few. Cats are normally pets but when their number is out of control they become pests for some people, with our TNR services we could all change this situation.

What is the 2013 goal target?
To sterilize over 1000 cats within the Dubai area.
To work closer with the authorities in order to resolve the existing situation with long term solutions.
To encourage more community members willing to make positive changes.
“To make UAE the world capital for Animal Welfare before 2020”

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