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The Real Cost of Owning a Pet in Dubai

17986277-dog-holding-a-blue-piggy-bank-and-a-stack-of-coinsBefore you jump into pet ownership and adopt a new fur-family member, be aware there are certain costs involved. A ‘free’ pet, may be free, but in the long term you will need to invest some money.

Food, vet bills, holiday boarding, grooming, training, expatriation when you leave the country… can all start to add up. It’s very important to do your research before adopting a pet. We’re certainly not saying you need to be ‘rich’ to be a pet owner, however you do need to be aware of the costs involved and be financial prepared.

So what are the upfront costs of owning a pet? To ensure a happy healthy fur-friend every responsible pet owner should at least have the following done:

Municipality Registration (Dubai Only)
Spay/Neutering your pet

We contacted a few vets across the country and here is a price guide for these services. Please be aware that these prices are purely a guideline – and some vets may charge less or more that what is listed. It’s also worth noting that prices across the Emirates differed greatly, along with the type of veterinary practice conducting the procedures – so best to check exact prices with your local vet.

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