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Breakfast, Lunch and Tea over Ramadan in Dubai

Greg-Malouf-dish-300x287With Ramadan starting on Sunday and many of you not fasting, we’ve once again rounded up the independent restaurants and cafés open for daytime dining in Dubai throughout the holy month. All hotels and golf/ community clubs will also have at least one restaurant open – and there are plenty more outlets just open for take-away or delivery. Needless to say there’s no booze from dawn to sunset anywhere…well home and hotel rooms aside 😉 .

We’re lucky we live in a tolerant Muslim society where many eateries do obtain a special licence to feed our expat appetites – but just be mindful of our Muslim friends, and patient with waiting staff who may be fasting.

This year we have nearly 60 stand-alone eateries open across Dubai for lunch, and in many cases breakfast and afternoon tea/ coffee too, so I have grouped them into districts for ease of reference. Huge credit and thank you to Geordie Armani who did most of the fact-checking this year – any inaccuracies blame me 😉 . You can find her round-up here.

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