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Red Tomato Pizza VIP Magnet

Pizza delivery at the press of a button

Finally after a hard day at work, you return home to settle down to a good movie.  As you walk in the kitchen you remember you were meant to hit the shops to re-stock the fridge.  It’s hot outside and all you want is to be able to press a button and order a pizza.  Well now you can.  Red Tomato Pizza has introduced a refrigerator magnet that actually orders a pizza in a single tap.

Order the Magnet on-line and it will be delivered direct to you. The magnet is preset to order a pizza on-line and is connected to the Internet via a Bluetooth connection on a smartphone.  Once you press the magnet Red Tomato Pizza will send you a sms to confirm the order which you can change by sms too and soon after your pizza will be delivered. As simple as one, two, tap….

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