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The Farm at Al Barari

Lunch at The Farm was as far removed from farm-like as you can imagine, think Zen/Buddhist garden complete with water features, wooden horse made from twisted twigs and cool white fabrics, with speakers discretely disguised as friendly rocks.

The Farm is, as far as I know, the only eatery in the uber lush Al Barari, but the restaurant is not exclusively for residents (yet), so lunch with the family on Friday was a welcome break from GCSE revision, and for once not too far from us in the Arabian Ranches.

Do expect high quality, fresh ingredients, well put together and served in elegant, modern surroundings. My soup was hearty and wholesome and the kids’ meal of chicken tenders and chips was thankfully miles away from some frozen imitation – the sweet potato chips were good. Accompanying bread baskets were again fresh, herby and with the soup, provided a filling meal.

Alas the pasta portions were tiny. Despite ordering extras of tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, anchovies and garlic (pick and mix pasta) with his spaghetti, my husband could have eaten twice his portion with ease and in fact the meagerness of the pasta portions has come up with a few diners to date. The salads though were faultless, fresh ingredients, well put together, with lovely dressings. We had a Thai inspired prawn and vegetable salad as well as a red grapefruit and green leaves salad.

While the pasta portions may have been small, the pudding portions were sensible and in the case of our chocolate brownie slice, I would say huge! Deliciously thick chocolate style brownie mousse, enough for two or three people (but maybe we got this as we complained about the pasta portion).

Try it for lunch while the weather still permits us to sit outside and tell me what you thought of it. How did you find the experience of ordering your meal via an iPad? The restaurant has 50 of them! Lastly, do like and share this on Facebook if you liked this post, thanks. Click here for what you NEED TO KNOW about eating at The Farm.

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