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Where to Lunch over Ramadan in Dubai

Despite living in a Muslim society, we’re pretty lucky many independent restaurants in Dubai do obtain a special licence to operate in daylight over Ramadan. Aside from the usual hotel and clubhouse establishments which will always have an eatery or two open, here’s FooDiva’s round-up of lunch and in some cases brekkie spots open throughout the holy month – compiled in conjunction with Geordie Armani.

Just be mindful of our Muslim friends and patient with serving staff who could be fasting. One last thing, there’s definitely no booze from dawn to sunset. Links included where FooDiva has reviewed.

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One Response to “Where to Lunch over Ramadan in Dubai”

  1. Linsey says:

    For those living in Abu Dhabi the choices are much less but the newly opened Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa’s Ingredients resturant is opened for lunch during Ramadan.

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