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Recently while driving along the outer bypass road the kids looked in horror as we drove past a burning car.  There was no other car involved so it wasn’t a car crash so how did this occur? It could well have been due to where the car had come from.

A few second hand car dealers around town are becoming greedy and are buying up cars cheap from American auctions.  The cars are cheap as many of them have been badly damaged due to accidents, hurricane season floods or fires.  Once brought into the Emirates the garages fix the cars using inexperienced labour and this is where the problems begin. Read more

Often, international assignees’ big concern when moving to a new, foreign country is will I be able to drive (and be insured) and how will I navigate around my new city. In Dubai, these are both concerns but it’s multiplied by the style of driving here as well as the lack of GPS support.  Read more

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