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Mandy was found in the middle of a busy road, she had such a close call that the one side of her whiskers were singed. Mandy is 10 weeks old, de-wormed and vet checked, she also tested negative for FPV. Mandy is the sweetest little kitten, 800 grams of purring power she is a real lap cat and is very good with dogs. If you could offer Mandy a forever home she will spend her life giving you cuddles and life as you know it will never be the same. Read more

40831TaffyAnimal Action Abu Dhabi | 06-05-2014 | Abu Dhabi | 3

This is Taffy. Taffy is a lady, for definite. She is slightly timid and needs some time to fully trust you. She is also great with kids and house trained.. She also has plenty of energy. Taffy turned 2 in February. She is vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed. Medium sized. Wire-haired. She needs to either find a forever home with a loving family very quickly or she needs a foster home with Zeus from the same home as soon as possible. (Their family is having to re-home them very quickly due to tragic circumstances beyond their control). Read more

gucciThe Animal Project | 23-04-2014 | Dubai | 26

GUCCI is another sad case of an extremely friendly loving cat following people around in the parking area under a building . The Samaritan that found Gucci took him direct to have him checked for microchip, the vet confirmed our worse fears , he was microchiped and registered under one of Dubai’s vet clinics. When the owner was finally located , he did not share any excitement to find out that the cat was skinny and filthy but healthy after all. It took the Samaritan some follow up calls for the person claiming that the cat escaped from their apartment inside a building with security at the entrance – And by the way , we are looking to put him up for adoption . The cat was back with the owner but we all felt that within a matter of time , he will be again on the roads and our premonitions were confirmed 3 days ago when the cat was seen again in the same parking area , apparent lost of weight and filthy . As the situation was quite urgent another, highly allergic Samaritan offer to foster him, after she visited her doctor for medication as she has severe allergy to animal fur Read more

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